Procedure for Requesting Unit Overloads - Counseling Department

Female student in quad with pink-flowering tree in background.

Student Responsibilities

Students must:

  1. Review overload guidelines
  2. Complete petition form requesting an overload
  3. Meet with a counselor

Definition of Unit Overload

Unit Overload
More than 17.5 units in either fall or spring semester or more than 8.5 units in a Summer term.

Overload Guidelines

Students requesting an overload must have a cumulative grade point average of a 3.2 or higher, and must have completed at least 15 units of college or university course work after graduation from high school.

Student enrollment history will also be considered. For example, students who have withdrawn from several classes, especially during semesters in which previous overloads have been granted, may be denied permission to enroll in an overload for the following semester.

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