Course Coordinators in the Math Department

A course coordinator is the department contact person if you have questions about a specific course. Please feel free to contact them for questions about what to emphasize in teaching a course, appropriate assignments for the students, suggestions for improving a course, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

Math Course Coordinators
Course Coordinator / Email
Math 101A, 101B Rob Smedfjeld
Math 101C Steve Bitzer
Math 103 Jeff O'Connell
Math 104 Jeff O'Connell
Math 111 Bob Bradshaw
Math 151 series Steve Bitzer
Math 152 series Andy Bloom
Math 153 Jose Rico
Math 151, 152, 153 computer-based courses Anh Nguyen
Math 155 Chieko Honma
Math 156 Ilene Katz
Math 158 Drew Wise
Math 159 Emmanuel Garcia
Math 167 Nabeel Atique
Math 181 Andy Bloom
Math 188 Chieko Honma
Math 190 series Mylene Pelimiano
Math 191 Mylene Pelimiano
Math 192 Andy Bloom