Mission Statement

The Ohlone Community College District Police Department is dedicated to the preservation of public safety by providing innovative and progressive service.  The Campus Police Services Office is also committed to promoting a safe and engaging learning environment where everyone can enjoy the challenges and rewards of obtaining or providing an education free from fear, harassment, or discrimination in partnership with the community.

About Campus Police Services

The Ohlone Community College District Campus Police Services, including Safety and Security, is a Peace Officers Standards and Training accredited police department established by Board of Trustees Resolution 63-74-75.  The College is committed to full implementation of the Student Right to Know and Campus Safety Act of 1990.  The Campus Police Services Office consists of a Chief of Police, police officers, safety officers, and dispatchers.

The responsibilities of Campus Police Services include campus security; traffic and parking control; prevention and detection of crime; and enforcement of federal, state, and municipal laws and District regulations and policies.  Campus Police Services has the primary responsibility for direction, planning, and controlling vehicle and pedestrian traffic on College grounds.  Campus Police Services oversee the painting of roadways and curbs, placement of control signs, removal of hazardous obstructions, and other related tasks.

Campus Police Services personnel make inspections of facilities to insure physical security; design and present programs to reduce risk from criminal acts; review plans and new construction additions to facilities to insure against design defects that could contribute to criminal acts; make preventative patrols of grounds; make necessary arrests and detentions; and interact with all other law enforcement and investigative agencies.

Police Officers receive continuing professional training in first aid, CPR, emergency response, disaster preparedness, defensive tactics, and other topics each year.  All police officers have graduated from a regional police academy and have full police powers per 830.32(a) of the Penal Code and 72330 of the Education Code.

Safety Officers are training in Laws of Arrest and Search and Seizure per California Penal Code 832. Safety Officers are not police officers but are provided special authority by the California Penal Code, California Vehicle Code and Education Code to enforce campus rules and regulations.  Safety Officers are the first line of support for the campus police officers.  Many are trained in and have responsibility for collecting field evidence, taking crime reports, and parking enforcement.  Safety Officers are also trained in first aid, CPR, and emergency response procedures.  Safety Officers also provide general community oriented services, such as fingerprinting.

Dispatchers provide information to the public, dispatch officers to calls for service or crimes in progress, answer the Campus Police Services Office telephone calls, maintain accurate and detailed records, log calls for service, compile information and data for statistical and financial reports, and provide support services for field officers.