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Employer Pull Notice Program

What is the Employer Pull Notice Program?

The Employer Pull Notice Program is a system which allows employers to monitor their employees' driving records. This program is administered by Ohlone College Campus Police. Whenever an enrolled employee / student has an action taken against his/her driving record (e.g. ticket, accident, suspension, renewal, etc.) the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) notifies the employer. While California law mandates employers to enroll commercial drivers and certain Ohlone College job titles, enrollment of other noncommercial drivers is left to Campus Police Services' Chief's discretion.

Driver Eligibility

Driver Requirements

  1. Authorized drivers shall include faculty, staff, and students provided they have been approved by Campus Police and the vehicle use is for official college business.
  2. Drivers shall hold the valid license/endorsements for the type of vehicle to be used and shall have successfully completed any driver training/safety course required by the College District or State/Federal law.

The persons listed on the Approved Drivers List are permitted to drive vehicles registered to the Ohlone Community College District. The list of drivers is subject to change at any time, without notice.

To request to become an Approved Driver for District vehicles, download the Driver Authorization Form (PDF) and return the completed form to Campus Police Services, or email a scanned copy to campussecurity@ohlone.edu. A copy of your California driver's license must be attached to the form. Out of state driver's licenses will not be accepted, as the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) cannot verify your driving record information. It will take approximately 10 business days for the CPS Office to receive the information from the California DMV.

Request Use of a District Vehicle

Go to District Vehicle Requests for information about reserving a vehicle.


If you have questions about the list of approved drivers or about the use of Ohlone College vehicles, please contact Ben Peralta (bperalta@ohlone.edu) or James Keogh (jkeogh@ohlone.edu) in Campus Police Services or Jennifer Tomlin Parker (jtomlin@ohlone.edu) in Facilities.

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