Ben Peralta, in campus police uniform, with US flag seen in the backgroundOn behalf of the Ohlone Community College District’s Campus Police Services Department, I would like to welcome all students, staff, faculty, and guests.

The District’s Campus Police Services Department is dedicated to providing both a safe and secure learning and working environment for the Ohlone College Community. As such, you will find Campus Police Services’ officers and support personnel are very responsive and helpful to the needs of the college community, and their training and dedication enables them to provide the highest level of service and professionalism in the performance of their duties.

The Campus Police Services Department is comprised of a chief, sworn and non-sworn officers, dispatchers, and administrative personnel.  Campus Police Services works closely with local law enforcement and other emergency first responding agencies in striving to achieve a safe learning environment for all to enjoy and flourish so that everyone has a positive experience here at Ohlone College.

As members of law enforcement, we are held to a higher standard. I strongly believe in accountability. The position of Chief is entrusted by the people to ensure transparency and accountability in the actions of all Campus PD employees in the performance of their duties safeguarding others.

I am humbled and grateful to represent the Ohlone Community College Campus Police Department in this most important Interim Chief of Police position.  

Ben Peralta
Interim Chief of Campus Police Services