Ohlone College uses an emergency alert system (RAVE Mobility) to quickly notify the Ohlone College Community of any emergencies occurring on the campuses. Through this system, emergency alerts are sent simultaneously through multiple medians such as text, email, networked computers/monitors to ensure the message gets out promptly. The emergency alerts will advise when and where an emergency is occurring and what actions they should take.  Periodic updates will also be provided as the situation progresses or is resolved.

Ohlone employees and students are automatically enrolled in the system through employee and student records. Employees will remain in the system through the duration of their employment with Ohlone College.  Student will remain in the system while enrolled at Ohlone.  Although discouraged, students may elect to opt out of the system. Ohlone employees, may not opt out from the system with college owned equipment but may remove and update personal cell phone numbers and email addresses if desired. The ability to check, add, and delete personal information in the system is available through the RAVE Guardian App once it has been downloaded onto your smartphone.