• DROP, COVER & HOLD-ON: To protect yourself from flying and falling debris during an earthquake or explosion.
  • SHELTER IN-PLACE: Implemented to isolate and provide greater protection from the external environment such as airborne hazardous material or wildlife.  Doors, windows, and air-vents should be closed.  Door thresholds and other openings should be covered, and HVAC systems shutoff if possible.
  • EVACUATION: Two types include "ON" or "Off" campus.  Implemented when conditions are not safe to remain inside buildings or campus areas.  Refer to posted evacuations plans for on-campus Evacuation Assembly Areas.  Off Campus Evacuation Assembly Area locations will be directed through the Emergency Alert System, Campus Police, and Building Monitors.
  • LOCKDOWN / BARRICADE: Initiated when there is an immediate or potential danger to people on campus or in college buildings due to violent or possibly violent activity such as an Active Shooter or police activity on or near the campus area.  People should remain locked-down until advised by proper law enforcement authorities.  

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