On-Campus Escort Officer Service

Ohlone College Police Patch.

Escort Officer Service Hours

  • SEOs are available:
    • Monday - Thursday: 6:45pm - 10:30pm (last request 10:15pm)
  • CPS Officers are available:
    • Monday - Friday: 7:45am - 11:00pm
    • Saturday - Sunday: 7:45am - 10:30pm
  • Holiday: Not available

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SEO (Student Escort Officer) Program - Fremont Campus

The Ohlone Community College District provides a Student Escort Officer (SEO) Program designed to enhance the College District's Safety Plan and provide additional support to Campus Police Services.

As part of their duties, the SEOs will walk with you to your vehicle safely, inspect your vehicle to make sure that it has not been damaged or tampered with, and stay with you until you are in your vehicle and drive away.

If you wish to be escorted from your classroom or office to the parking lot, call Campus Police Services at (510) 659-6111. An SEO will be sent to meet you and accompany you to your vehicle. You may also "flag down" any SEO. They will be happy to accompany you to your vehicle.

When an SEO is not on duty and during the daytime as needed, Campus Police will provide escort service.

By providing service for students and staff during evening hours from 7:00pm to 10:15pm, the Ohlone SEOs will serve to provide an additional visible presence of college authority on campus, serve as an extra set of eyes to report any suspicious or hazardous circumstances, and enhance the safety and security of the college community. The Ohlone SEOs are currently enrolled students and will be readily identifiable by their bright green vests.

CPS Office personnel can be contacted to request an on-campus escort to your car or other location on campus.

Review the SEO Program FAQs.

Request Fremont Campus Escort Officer Service

To request escort service by an SEO or CPS on the Fremont campus, please:

  • dial 6111 from campus phones
  • dial *81 from campus pay phones (no charge)
  • (510) 659-6111 from off-campus phones

Request Newark Campus Escort Officer Service

To request escort service by CPS on the Newark campus, please:

  • dial 2311 from campus phones
  • (510) 742-2311 from off-campus phones

There are currently no Student Escort Officers at the Newark campus. Campus Police will provide an escort at the Newark campus if an officer is available.


See also Locations of Emergency Telephones.

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