Student Semester Permits

To purchase a Student Semester Permit, please go to You must be a Student to purchase a Semester Permit. Student Permits are good for only the single semester for which the permit was purchased. There are no free replacements for lost permits. If you lose your student permit, you must purchase a new one. Please see our parking regulations page. Student Semester Permits are non-refundable.

California College Promise Grant Permits (formerly BOG Waiver)

To purchase a Student Semester Permit for students on the California College Promise Grant, go to When purchasing your Student Permit, your Student ID number will be checked against the Promise Grant list and the Semester Permit charge will automatically be reduced to $20.00 if you are on the Promise Grant list.

Motorcycle Permits

To purchase a Motorcycle Permit, go to After purchasing your motorcycle permit, contact Campus Police at (510) 659-6111 and provide your motorcycle and permit information. Your information will be placed on the motorcycle log in lieu of displaying a permit. No permit will be mailed to you.

Fuel Efficient Vehicle Permits

To purchase a Fuel Efficient Vehicle Permit, go to During the purchase process, you will be required to upload a copy of your vehicle registration so that your vehicle's fuel efficient status can be verified. If you are unable to upload a copy of your vehicle registration, contact Campus Police for assistance.

Carpool Permits

To apply for a Carpool Permit, you must first purchase a Student Semester Permit. After purchasing the Student Semester Permit, complete the Carpool Permit Application and bring it to Campus Police. We will review your application and our records for approval.

Employee Permits

Ohlone College employees are issued a staff or faculty permit through the Fremont Campus Police Services Office. All parking permits are the property of the Ohlone Community College District. Staff and faculty parking permit must be returned to Campus Police Services immediately upon termination of employment.

Lost or worn (illegible) staff/faculty parking permits may be replaced through Campus Police Services. There is no charge to replace a damaged permit (due to normal wear) or stolen staff/faculty parking permit (police report required). There is a fee to replaced damaged permits (due to mishandling or other avoidable cause) or lost staff/faculty parking permits.

Daily Permits

Visitors or student who do not wish to purchase a semester permit, must purchase and display a valid Daily Parking Permit. Daily Permits can be purchased for $4.00 at the kiosk machines located in most parking lots at both campuses and all levels of the South Parking Structure at the Fremont Campus. Purchased Daily Permits are valid only for the date purchased and can be used at either of the campuses.

Hourly Permits

Hourly Permits are valid only in Hourly Parking designated stalls. Hourly Permits are only valid for a maximum of two (2) hours. Hourly Permits can be purchased at the kiosk parking permit machine in parking lot P at the Fremont Campus.

Guest Parking Permit

Guest Parking Permits are available to those who have been invited by the college for official business. Requests for a Guest Permit must be submitted from an Ohlone College Employee to their Dean or Director who has authority to approve and access the internal Guest Parking Permit System. Approved Guest Parking Permit requests will be provided a PDF Guest Parking Permit which must be printed and visibly displayed in the guest's vehicle. Guest parking permits are only valid for the date, time, and location(s) specified on the permit.

Disabled Parking Permit

Disabled Parking Permits (permanent or temporary) are obtained through the California Department of Motor Vehicles.  Ohlone College does not issue Disabled Parking Permits.