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Ohlone College offers RAVE Guardian, a free mobile smartphone app, as an extra layer of safety for Ohlone students, faculty, and staff.  The RAVE Guardian App includes:



Texting capability directly to Campus Police Services’ Dispatcher. Instead of calling Campus Police you can just text to conduct business, report suspicious activity, or request assistance.  Included with the text feature are several templates for reporting specific types of incidents or you can use the “Text Open Forum” to text what it is you need if it is not included in the listed templates.  This option also allows you to send pictures with your text if desired. 


Note: this option is only monitored during regular Campus Police Services’ office hours.  You will receive an auto-generated text when you send a text to remind you of when this text option is monitored.   



Included on the app is a “one-button” option to call Campus Police Services.  No need to fumble through your contact or look for the Campus Police Services phone number.  Just select the option, verify and you will be connected.   



The Safety Timer option provides the user the ability to select people they know and trust to be virtual “Guardians.”  The user selects this option and their Guardians when they plan to walk on campus in which they may feel uncomfortable doing so by themselves.  For example walking back to their car after a late night class.  The user selects the amount of time it should take them to reach their destination.  The Guardians will be alerted to the user’s travel and will be able to monitor their progress on a map.  A panic button is available if something should occur, which when pressed, will alert the Guardian(s) and Campus Police.  



The RAVE Guardian app also connects your phone to Ohlone College’s Emergency Alert System, so that in the event of an emergency you will receive a text message on your smartphone about what and where an emergency is occurring, what actions to take, and updates as the incident progresses or is resolved.  For further information go to https://www.ohlone.edu/cps/emergency-preparedness/emergency-alert-system.

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