General Parking and Traffic Regulations

All general parking rules are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. All forms of paid parking are nontransferable. Parking locations on campus consist of designated General Parking, Restricted Parking, and special signage corresponding to specific parking classifications.

Under state law (Education Code 72247) all parking on a community college campus is subject to payment of a specified fee. It is a privilege extended by the Board of Trustees to the faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Traffic regulations governing the conduct of operation of motor vehicles on the Ohlone College campuses are established in accordance with various provisions of the California Vehicle Code as well as policies established by the Board of Trustees of the District. In the absence of any special regulations not provided for herein, the provisions of the California Vehicle Code relating to vehicular parking and traffic shall apply. While possession of a valid or current college parking permit entitles the possessor to parking privileges, the college retains ownership rights and permits may be revoked, canceled, or recalled for cause at the discretion of Campus Police Services.

Ohlone Community College (and its employees) shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss by theft, fire, accident, or any other cause whatsoever to any vehicle, or contents thereof, that occurs on college property.

Parking Regulations

Parking regulations are subject to change without notice.  

A valid Ohlone College parking permit must be visibly displayed at the following locations and times:

  • Fremont Campus: Sunday-Saturday 6 a.m.-11 p.m.
  • Newark Campus: Sunday-Saturday 6 a.m.-11 p.m

Parking on either campus is not permitted during curfew hours (11 p.m.- 6 a.m. everyday) except if notification is made to Campus Police Services beforehand to obtain a waiver for authorization to park during curfew hours.  Authorization may only be provided for qualifying reasons sanctioned by the college or for unanticipated mechanical issues in which all attempts to remove the vehicle before curfew have been exhausted. 

At the beginning of each semester a one-week grace period is provided before the enforcement of a displayed valid parking permits is required.  This does not include handicapped parking placards in designated parking stalls. 

Free Parking is allowed during the college semester breaks and all Board approved holidays.

Parking Citations are issued, processed, and collected in accordance with the parking violation procedures codified in the California Vehicle Code, commencing with Section 40200 et seq.

Common Parking Violations:

  • Parking Permit Not Visible/Improperly Displayed
  • Staff Parking Only
  • Restricted Parking
  • Stopped in No Stopping Area
  • Not In A Marked Stall
  • Parked In A Fire Lane
  • Parked In Bus Zone
  • Handicap Parking Only

The above list is not inclusive of all parking violations.

General Parking is for students, staff, and guest/visitors.

Staff Parking is for staff and approved guests/visitors.

Admin Parking is for any Ohlone Executive Team member, Dean, or Director. 

Reserved or Restricted Parking is reserved marked spaces designated by a sign. Students and Visitors are not authorized to park in these designated spaces unless approved by the Campus Police Department.

Other Designated Parking

Disabled Parking is for persons displaying State of California DMV Disabled Persons license plates and/or placards.

Motorcycles may park in any general parking space and spaces designated specifically for motorcycles with a valid permit.

Bicycles must be parked in bike rack locations. Any bike secured to any other object is subject to removal and stored at Campus Police for safekeeping. No special permit is required for bicycle parking.

Carpool Parking is provided to students and staff with an approved carpool permit issued by Campus Police Services. A valid staff/student parking permit is required in addition to the free carpool parking permit. A new application is required each semester.

Electric Vehicle Charging is available at both campuses for vehicle charging only. Once charging is complete, the vehicle must be moved.

Blink charging stations are open to the general public when the campus is open and no permit is needed to park while charging.

Traffic Regulations

The California Vehicle Code is enforced on all campuses at all times.

Basic Speed Laws (unless otherwise posted):

  1. Hard Surface - 25 mph
  2. Parking Areas - 15 mph.
  3. South Parking Structure – 5 mph.
  4. Gravel Surface or Unpaved Surface - 15 mph

Traffic Collision reporting is required of on-campus accidents involving District property or injury hit and run accidents per Section 20001 California Vehicle Code. Violators are subject to prosecution under the California Vehicle Code or disciplinary action per Ohlone Community College policy.

Traffic Control Devices: The driver of any motor vehicle shall obey the instructions of any official traffic control device unless otherwise directed by competent authority (Law Enforcement Personnel).