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General Education Plans

Curriculum Guides

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AccountingPDF Icon. AA   COA  
Administration of JusticePDF Icon. AA   COA  
Administrative Assistant with Supervisory Focus PDF Icon. AA   COA  
American Sign Language and Deaf StudiesPDF Icon. AA   COA  
ArtPDF Icon. AA      
ASL-English Interpreter Preparation ProgramPDF Icon. AA   COA  
Audio TechnicianPDF Icon.       COAcc
Ballet Dance Teacher / ChoreographerPDF Icon.       COAcc
BiologyPDF Icon.   AS    
Biology: GeneralPDF Icon.       COAcc
BiotechnologyPDF Icon.   AS    
Biotechnology: Bio-ManufacturingPDF Icon.     COA  
Biotechnology: BiostatisticsPDF Icon.     COA  
Biotechnology: Cell Production / FermentationPDF Icon.     COA  
Biotechnology: Quality Control / Research AssociatePDF Icon.     COA  
BroadcastingPDF Icon. AA   COA  
Broadcasting: Advanced Film and VideoPDF Icon.       COAcc
Broadcasting: Digital Video and EditingPDF Icon.       COAcc
Broadcasting: Entertainment TelevisionPDF Icon.       COAcc
Broadcasting: Live Television ProductionPDF Icon.       COAcc
Broadcasting: Radio Air TalentPDF Icon.       COAcc
Broadcasting: Radio Digital ProductionPDF Icon.       COAcc
Broadcasting: Radio Program ManagementPDF Icon.       COAcc
Broadcasting: Radio Studio OperationsPDF Icon.       COAcc
Broadcasting: Sports TelevisionPDF Icon.       COAcc
BusinessPDF Icon. AA      
Business AdministrationPDF Icon. AA      
Business CommunicationPDF Icon.       COAcc
Business Supervision / ManagementPDF Icon. AA   COA  
CeramicsPDF Icon.       COAcc
ChemistryPDF Icon.   AS    
Chemistry Lab Skills: AdvancedPDF Icon.       COAcc
Chemistry Lab Skills: BasicPDF Icon.       COAcc
Cisco Certified Network AssociatePDF Icon.       COAcc
Cisco Network ProfessionalPDF Icon.   AS COA  
Commercial MusicPDF Icon.       COAcc
Communication Studies for Transfer (AA-T)PDF Icon. AA-T      
Computer Applications in BiotechnologyPDF Icon.       COAcc
Computer EngineeringPDF Icon.   AS    
Computer ProgrammingPDF Icon.       COAcc
Computer SciencePDF Icon.   AS    
Computer Studies: Computer Programming (Internet / Web Programming)PDF Icon. AA   COA  
Computer Studies: Computer Programming (Software Development)PDF Icon. AA   COA  
CostumingPDF Icon.       COAcc
Data Communications and Web ProgrammingPDF Icon.       COAcc
Database AdministrationPDF Icon.       COAcc
Deaf EducationPDF Icon.       COAcc
DesignPDF Icon.       COAcc
Desktop Support TechnicianPDF Icon.   AS COA  
Desktop Support TechnicianPDF Icon.       COAcc
Digital ArtPDF Icon.       COAcc
DrawingPDF Icon.       COAcc
Early Childhood StudiesPDF Icon. AA   COA  
EngineeringPDF Icon.   AS    
EngineeringPDF Icon.       COAcc
Engineering/Manufacturing TechnicianPDF Icon.       COAcc
EnglishPDF Icon. AA      
Entertainment Design and Technology: Audio Technician PDF Icon. AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Costuming PDF Icon. AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Live Event Management PDF Icon. AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Moving Light Technician PDF Icon. AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Stage Craft PDF Icon. AA   COA  
Entertainment Design and Technology: Theatrical and TV Lighting Technician PDF Icon. AA   COA  
Environmental SciencePDF Icon.   AS    
Environmental StewardshipPDF Icon.       COAcc
Environmental StudiesPDF Icon. AA      
Fine ArtsPDF Icon. AA      
Fine ArtsPDF Icon.       COAcc
Fitness InstructorPDF Icon.       COAcc
ForensicsPDF Icon.       COAcc
Gender and Women's StudiesPDF Icon.       COAcc
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)PDF Icon.       COAcc
Geography: CulturalPDF Icon.       COAcc
GeologyPDF Icon.   AS    
GeologyPDF Icon.       COAcc
GlassPDF Icon.       COAcc
Graphic Arts / Computer GraphicsPDF Icon. AA   COA  
Graphic DesignPDF Icon.       COAcc
Human Development StudiesPDF Icon. AA      
Intercultural CommunicationPDF Icon.       COAcc
Interior DesignPDF Icon. AA   COA  
Interior Design BasicsPDF Icon.       COAcc
Interior Design CommunicationsPDF Icon.       COAcc
Interior Design TechnologyPDF Icon.       COAcc
International BusinessPDF Icon.       COAcc
Interpersonal CommunicationPDF Icon.       COAcc
Jazz Dance Teacher / ChoreographerPDF Icon.       COAcc
JournalismPDF Icon. AA   COA  
JournalismPDF Icon.       COAcc
Kinesiology for Transfer (AA-T)PDF Icon. AA-T      
Kinesiology: Athletic TrainingPDF Icon.   AS    
Kinesiology: Fitness ProfessionalPDF Icon.     COA  
Leadership CommunicationPDF Icon.       COAcc
Liberal Arts: Human EmphasisPDF Icon. AA      
Liberal Arts: Language EmphasisPDF Icon. AA      
Liberal Arts: Speech and Communication EmphasisPDF Icon. AA      
Linux+PDF Icon.       COAcc
Linux / UNIX AdministrationPDF Icon.       COAcc
Live Event ManagementPDF Icon.       COAcc
Mass CommunicationPDF Icon.       COAcc
Mathematics for Transfer (AS-T)PDF Icon.   AS-T    
Mathematics: AppliedPDF Icon.       COAcc
Mathematics: PurePDF Icon.       COAcc
MCITP Server AdministratorPDF Icon.       COAcc
Microsoft Systems AdministratorPDF Icon.   AS COA  
Modern Dance Teacher / ChoreographerPDF Icon.       COAcc
MultimediaPDF Icon. AA   COA  
MultimediaPDF Icon.       COAcc
MusicPDF Icon. AA      
Music TheoryPDF Icon.       COAcc
Natural Resource Conservation and ManagementPDF Icon.       COAcc
Natural Science: Biological Science EmphasisPDF Icon. AA      
Natural Science: Mathematics and Technology EmphasisPDF Icon. AA      
Natural Science: Physical Science EmphasisPDF Icon. AA      
Network AdministratorPDF Icon.   AS COA  
Network TechnicianPDF Icon.       COAcc
Office SupportPDF Icon.       COAcc
Oral InterpretationPDF Icon.       COAcc
Paleobiology / Natural HistoryPDF Icon.       COAcc
PhlebotomyPDF Icon.       COAcc
PhotographyPDF Icon.       COAcc
Physical SciencePDF Icon.       COAcc
Physical Therapist AssistantPDF Icon.   AS    
PhysicsPDF Icon.   AS    
Physics: AdvancedPDF Icon.       COAcc
Physics: IntroductoryPDF Icon.       COAcc
Piano PerformancePDF Icon.       COAcc
Psychology for Transfer (AA-T)PDF Icon. AA-T      
Real Estate Sales AgentPDF Icon.       COAcc
Real Estate Sales BrokerPDF Icon. AA   COA  
Real Estate Sales Broker AssociatePDF Icon.       COAcc
Registered NursePDF Icon.   AS    
Renewable Energy and Sustainable DevelopmentPDF Icon.       COAcc
Respiratory TherapistPDF Icon.   AS    
Social SciencePDF Icon. AA      
Sociology for Transfer (AA-T)PDF Icon. AA-T      
Speech and Communication Studies PDF Icon. AA      
Speech and Communication StudiesPDF Icon.       COAcc
Stage CraftPDF Icon.       COAcc
Tap Dance Teacher / ChoreographerPDF Icon.       COAcc
Technical Support SpecialistPDF Icon.   AS COA  
Theatrical and TV Lighting TechnicianPDF Icon.       COAcc
3D Modeling and AnimationPDF Icon.       COAcc
UNIX / Linux Systems AdministratorPDF Icon.   AS COA  
Video Game DevelopmentPDF Icon.       COAcc
Vocal Music PerformancePDF Icon.       COAcc
Vocal Music Performance: AdvancedPDF Icon.       COAcc
Web DeliveryPDF Icon.       COAcc
Web DesignPDF Icon.       COAcc


Associate in Arts
Associate in Arts for Transfer (learn more about AA-T degrees)
Associate in Science
Associate in Science for Transfer (learn more about AS-T degrees)
Certificate of Achievement
Certificate of Accomplishment