Cybersession: January 2 - 26, 2020

On your Keyboard — on your tablet — Go!

Cybersession at Ohlone College is a set of completely online classes, designed and offered to bridge the gap between the fall and spring semesters. Twelve popular, transferable classes are available for you and will fill up fast. Don't miss out!

We want your learning experience at Ohlone to be positive and successful. 

Please pay attention to the following dates and deadlines for Cybersession:

  • Continuing students can register for Cybersession Now!
  • New students can register for Cybersession beginning December 9, 2019
  • Last day to add a Cybersession class without an add authorization code is January 1, 2020
  • Last day to add a Cybersession class with an add authorization code is January 5, 2020
  • Last day to drop a Cybersession class and be eligible for a refund is 10% of class meeting times
  • Last day to drop a Cybersession class without a W grade is January 5, 2020
  • Last day to drop a Cybersession class with a W grade is January 19, 2020

NOTE: Cybersession classes are included in the total unit load for spring semester 2020; students registering for more than 17.5 units for spring (including the Cybersession units) must meet with a counselor to request an overload. For more information, please see Unit Overloads.

All classes are offered online, so you don't need to come to campus!

FUN FACT: Among the 21 colleges in the Bay 10, Ohlone has the highest success rate for students enrolled in online classes at 74.88%, which is also well above the statewide success rate of 54%.

Ohlone College's general spring semester begins Monday, January 27, 2020. 

3-Week Online Cybersession—January 2 - 26, 2020

UPDATED: 12/5/19

Course, Section Number, & Synonym Section Title Units Instructor
ANTH-102-03 (080046) WAITLIST FULL Cultural Anthropology 3 J. Otte
CHEM-108-01 (082059) Survey of Chemistry 3 M. Grant
ENVS-108-02 (080061) WAITLIST FULL Introduction to the Environment 3 N. Bansal
GEOG-104-01 (080063) WAITLISTED World Regional Geography 3 N. Bansal
HIST-117A-07 (080064) WAITLIST FULL History of the United States 3 K. Livie
HIST-117A-08 (080065) WAITLIST FULL History of the United States 3 K. Livie
MUS-101-01 (080068) WAITLISTED Music Appreciation: Western Classical Music 3 J. McManus
MUS-104-02 (080069) WAITLIST FULL Music of World Cultures 3 D. Keller
PD-105-03 (080080) WAITLIST FULL College Success 3 N. Dadgar
PHIL-101-02 (080081) WAITLISTED Ancient Philosophy 3 L. Abesamis
SOC-101-04 (080088) WAITLIST FULL Introduction to Sociology 3 J. Jovel
SOC-105-01 (080090)WAITLIST FULL Marriage and Family 3 J. Jovel
  • All of these classes are transferable to both CSUs and UCs.
  • The classes listed are accelerated classes and require a significant amount of daily study time; we recommend that students enroll in no more than one Cybersession class.

If you have registration questions, please contact Ohlone's Office of Admissions and Records by phone at 510-659-6100 or by email at