Careers in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies


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The American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf Studies curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills of ASL. Focusing on the uniqueness of ASL as a language, Deaf Culture, Deaf History and Deaf Education practices the curriculum offers an individual the opportunity to develop skills to take into employment settings.

Completion of the ASL and Deaf Studies Associate in Arts degree meets the California State requirements for a variety of jobs at California School for the Deaf. Students at advanced levels may seek work opportunities at the College as tutors to beginning American Sign Language students and Deaf student in various subject areas.

The American Sign Language and Deaf Studies Program has a strong working relationship with the Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency (DCARA), and more agencies and programs where ASL students may volunteer or be employed; including national, state, and local agencies that serve Deaf people.

Students from this program can apply their educational experience to prepare for the Deaf Education as a teacher's aide, cottage (dormitory) counselor and aide, transportation aide, tutors, etc. In providing added skills for employees in public and private agencies to meet the need of Deaf clients and patients. Students can also use these programs to prepare for Deaf Education teacher training programs and in the area of research and linguistics.

Students may also apply the course work to meet requirements of providing added skills in the area of social services as a counselor, psychologist, speech pathologist, language development specialist, audiologist, audiometrist, medical doctor, nurse, etc. Others have used their coursework to satisfy the bilingual requirements of occupations such as law enforcement, fire fighting, emergency medicine, etc. in the areas of management and personnel; or in working with relay and referral agencies that provide equal opportunities to Deaf people.

The American Sign Languages and Deaf Studies Program at Ohlone College offers a full range of classes from beginner to advanced levels:

  • In meeting personal needs to communicate with Deaf people.
  • In learning about the social, historical, educational and cultural aspects of the Deaf.
  • To meet the Humanities General Education requirement for a Bachelor's degree in the University of California systems.
  • To meet the Foreign Language requirement at many colleges and for certain occupations.

Student talks with two ASL interpreters at an outdoor Ohlone event.