ASL Club


What is ASL Club?

The main purpose of the Ohlone College ASL Club is to promote interactions, on and off campus, between the Ohlone College Deaf students, ASL Students, and Interpreter Preparation Program Students.

The ASL Club also seeks to educate and share the rich culture of the Deaf Community with the Ohlone Community.

In addition to functioning as a source of information on the Deaf Community, the Club hosts social and educational events on a regular basis. Examples of ASL Club sponsored Events include playing games, monthly pizza night gatherings, movies nights, hikes to Mission Peak, group outings at professional sporting events such as A's and Giants, SJ Sharks, and Golden State Warriors games. The ASL Club also hosts Holiday theme parties such as Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The ASL Club partners with the Ohlone College Deaf Studies Division to co-sponsor events like the New Student Reception and Welcome Back Party in the fall semester along with International Luncheon in the spring semester.

All events are open to anyone who is interested in ASL and Deaf Culture. The ASL Club has a Facebook page and advertises ASL Club, local, national and international Deaf events and Deaf Community and Deaf Culture news and information.

Who can join?

The ASL Club is open to all Ohlone College students. You do not have to be Deaf or fluent in ASL. Many club members are beginning students, and the club is a great place to meet others who sign, and to use ASL in a relaxed setting.

The ASL Club is a good place for anyone interested in learning about Deaf culture. Deaf Americans have a rich and unique culture. Many members are from other countries and can tell you about the Deaf and hearing cultures of their countries.

The ASL Club is as much about people and culture as it is about language.