Careers in Deaf Education


Career Highlights

With the California School for the Deaf (CSD) located in Fremont, there are many employment opportunities for those who desire to work with deaf and hard of hearing children.

There is a continued demand for individuals who are qualified and trained to work with deaf children, both at CSD and in mainstream settings throughout the state. More critically, there is a need for deaf and hard of hearing role models in the educational environment. With the certificate, graduates are prepared to work in the student life department as a residential counselor, in the academic department as a teacher's aide or tutor, in the preschool as an assistant to the teachers, or as a childcare provider. Student may be employed as teacher's aides while studying for their certificate. In addition, they may transfer to a university to pursue advanced studies to become a certified teacher, counselor, or administrator.

Employment Opportunities

Some of the specific occupations graduates might apply for are:

  • Teacher Aide - D.O.T. code: 094.327-101
  • Instructional Aide - D.O.T. code: 249.367-074
  • Tutor - D.O.T. code: 099.227-034
  • Teaching the Deaf - D.O.T. code: 094.224-101 8459

Detailed information about these occupations can be obtained through an information search of these Career Services.