Deaf-Centered Interpreting Preparation Program (DCIPP)

Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) Application

Applications for Fall 2021 will be accepted beginning February 22, 2021! The application deadline is April 30th for the first round of screening.  Applications beyond April 30th will be accepted if space allows.



Launching our Deaf-Centered Interpreting Preparation Program (DCIPP) in Fall 2021

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The Ohlone College Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) offers a comprehensive, high-quality education that guides and prepares students to enter the field of ASL-English interpreting. We were the first American Sign Language-English interpreter education program in Northern California and we continue to maintain a reputation for being one of the top interpreting programs in the nation. 

Three students communicate using sign languageOur students come from all around the country and from all walks of life, brought together by their love of American Sign Language, Deaf culture and the Deaf community. Our IPP faculty is top-notch; we have internationally known and respected educators, interpreters, presenters and authors. We also have one of the largest concentrations of Deaf students among community colleges nationwide due to our excellent Deaf program and our close proximity to California School for the Deaf Fremont.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a vibrant, thriving Deaf community, and our IPP has strong collaborations with local Deaf programs and service agencies. These connections provide outstanding opportunities for practice and community engagement. At a much more affordable cost compared to state or private schools, our Interpreter Preparation Program is an opportunity to obtain unparalleled instruction, training and experience.

Admission to the ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program is by special application.

Ohlone College Deaf Studies Division - Interpreter Preparation Program

Group of five students in Ohlone's Deaf Studies programs.


An update on Ohlone’s Interpreter Preparation Program Application Process

Hello everyone.

We hope you are staying safe and healthy by remaining shelter in place. We recognize that it can be difficult for many people to remain home constantly and trying to stay sane. However, with so much time at home, people now have time to do things they normally don’t. This is your opportunity to use this time to complete your application for admission into the Interpreter Preparation Program at Ohlone College. The deadline remains the same which is April 30th. Feel free to view our website,, to get all the information you need for the application. You can also send us an email if you need additional information. Our plan is to continue our long tradition of preparing top-notch

interpreters for our community along with providing instruction to the large deaf student population we have at Ohlone. As is true for the past 40 years, our environment here at Ohlone continues to be rich in providing deaf and hearing students opportunities to develop meaningful relationships among each other. This rich environment is augmented by its world-class professors, and its location in Fremont which is the home of one of the finest schools for the deaf in the world. The SF Bay Area Deaf community is also known for being one of the most vibrant Deaf communities in the United States. For these reasons, you can’t find a better Interpreter Preparation Program than here at Ohlone College! So, if you are interested in a rewarding career as a professional ASL/English interpreter, and have met all the prerequisite requirements for admission, please proceed and use this time to fill out the application form! We would love to receive your application as soon as possible.

Thank you and stay healthy!

Eligibility Requirements:

  • ASL 104A or equivalent
  • Deaf Culture (ASL 142) or equivalent
  • ASL Linguistics (ASL 150) or equivalent
  • College-level English with grade of “C” or better
  • College-level Math with grade of “C” or better
  • Completion of 30+ GE units with cumulative GPA of 2.7 or above

Steps of the Application Process:

  1. Apply to Ohlone College
  2. Complete the online IPP application form
  3. Send unofficial transcripts & supporting documents
  4. Obtain 3 references (at least one must be Deaf)
  5. Qualified applicants will be contacted via email or phone

Questions? Email

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