Eligibility for the ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP), the IPP AA Degree, and IPP Certificate of Achievement


The ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) will determine the number of students admitted to the program each year. All applicants must show a high level of fluency in both English and ASL.

(Video is ASL-interpreted and captioned.)

Minimum Requirements

All applicants, regardless of degree, must have taken and completed:

  • Deaf Culture (ASL-142 or equivalent)
  • ASL Linguistics (ASL-150 or equivalent)
  • ASL 104 (or Equivalent)

All pre-interpreting students are required to provide unofficial transcripts of college level English and Math coursework (unless you already possess AA, BA or higher degrees):

  • Completion of ENGL-101A or equivalent with a "C" or better
  • Completion of MATH-155 (Math for the Associate Degree) or any higher-level college Math course.

  • Take Ohlone's ACCUPLACER placement tests (for English and Math) and test out at equivalent levels in English (reading and writing) and Math. Contact the Placement Center for testing.

Additionally, applicants (those not possessing any college degrees) must successfully:

  • Complete 30 general education (GE) credits (1 year of college-level work) with a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher.)

All applicants must submit an IPP application, found online, to the Deaf Studies Division which is open to accept applications each year during the Spring semester for the next academic year.

Application Process for the IPP

Please check eligibility requirements and include with your application:

  • Letter of interest
  • Completed IPP Application
  • Names of three (3) people we should expect references from (letters or forms) (references are sent directly to the program, completed by each referral online, not put in application packet)
  • Unofficial copies of all college transcripts, including any courses taken at Ohlone

Applications are to be submitted online and all required documentation uploaded at the time of application.

Students meeting the pre-requisites will be informed and will be sent the location, date and time of the mandatory screening day.

Steps to Apply

Steps 1, 1A, 1B, and 2 for Applicants who do not possess an AA, BA, or higher degree

Steps 1 and 2 for Applicants with an AA, BA or higher

Steps 3, and 4 for All Applicants

ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program Policies

I. Academic Policy for the IPP

Successful progression in the IPP requires taking courses in a specific, required sequence to satisfy prerequisites. Students must achieve a grade of "C" or better in each course to continue to the next semester.

If a student receives a grade lower than a "C", the course may be repeated the following year, dependent upon faculty recommendation and space availability in the program.

If the same course is failed twice, the student may not be eligible to re-enter the IPP without special permission. Additionally, if a student does not pass two separate IPP courses anytime while in the program, he or she will not be eligible to re-enter the IPP without special permission.

II. Conditions for Progression in the Interpreter Preparation Program

Reasons for Exiting the Program

Not receiving a passing grade

Should a student earn a grade less than a "C" in any class in the IPP, the course may be repeated one time only. According to college policy, courses assigned a grade of "I" must be completed within one year or the grad ("I") will revert to a grade of "F".

  • Self-determination regarding readiness for, or appropriateness of this course of study
  • Violation of Student Code of Conduct of a serious nature (see Ohlone College Student Handbook (PDF))
  • Decision to "stop out" due to life circumstances

A stop out is defined as a temporary leave of absence from the IPP, available to students in good standing. Re-entry into the IPP, depends on space availability in the program and is determined by agreement with the IPP Coordinator and/or the dean of the Deaf Studies Division.

Students with the following circumstances may request a one-time stop-out while attending the IPP:

  • Circumstances based on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), 1995 regulations:
    • birth of a child
    • student's own serious health condition
    • the care of a spouse, child or blood parent with serious health condition
  • Medical or other life circumstances
  • Other circumstances, by agreement
  • Condition to Return
    • A letter of intent to the Dean of Deaf Studies and the IPP Program Coordinator.
    • Space availability in the program
    • Completion of a student action plan
    • Review by the dean and coordinator of the IPP
Drop (Withdraw)

Students in good standing (earning a "C" or above in a course) may drop an IPP class without penalty. Failure to drop a class by the required deadlines will result in a grade of "F" will be given and for purposes of the program, will be treated as an earned "F".

Condition of return is the same as above.

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