Courses in ASL-English Interpreter Preparation


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Students will complete 52.5 units in the ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program. A sampling of courses for this discipline includes (not a complete list):

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  • INT-106 Discourse Analysis: ASL
  • INT-107 Interpreter Orientation
  • INT-112 Comparative Linguistics: ASL and English
  • INT-115 Interpreting Preparation Skills
  • INT-116 Discourse Analysis: English
  • INT-127 Ethics I
  • INT-145 Practicum: Deaf Mentorship
  • INT-147 Introduction to Interpreting for People Who are Deaf/Blind
  • INT-153 Interpreting: ASL to English
  • INT-199A Introduction to Multicultural Issues in Interpreting
  • INT-199C Introduction to Medical Interpreting
  • INT-199D Introduction to Educational Interpreting K-12
  • INT-199E Introduction to Post-Secondary Interpreting
  • INT-199F Introduction to Social Service and Employment
  • INT-199G Introduction to Telephone and Video Relay Interpreting
  • INT-199H Introduction to Mental Health Interpreting
  • INT-199I Introduction to Deaf/Hearing Team Interpreting
  • INT-227 Ethics II: Interpreting Ethics and Decision-Making
  • INT-245 Phantom Interpreting
  • INT-253 Interpreting: English to ASL
  • INT-263 Interpreting Across the Language Continuum
  • INT-295 Interpreting Internship
  • INT-299 Capstone Course



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Student Learning Outcomes

ASL-English Interpreter Preparation Program AA Degree

  1. Display the ability to create and maintain professional relationships and appropriate cultural sensitivities with various stakeholders including members of the Deaf community, professional interpreters, and interpreter agencies through effective interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills by assessing potential demands of various interpreting situations and constructing appropriate responses to mitigate those demands; and applying and defending appropriate decision-making skills when ethical dilemmas arise.
  3. Perform entry-level Sign Language Interpreting skills in post-secondary educational and/or community settings.