District Cal-Card Procurement Card -Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services

The governing board of the Ohlone Community College District has approved issuance of District credit cards to approved staff and faculty to make it easier and more efficient to purchase goods and services in a timely manner. The authority to use this card comes with the responsibility to use it in accordance with district purchasing policies and following district procedures.

This general information is provided to assist users and vendors in complying with the Policies and Procedures. Specific questions should be addressed to the Purchasing Director. All transactions must meet legal requirements, good business practice guidelines, and District policy.

District Cal-Card Procurement Cards are used like any credit card and carry the VISA logo. Each card will have restrictions on the purchase limit and types of businesses where the user is authorized to make purchases. For example, some cards will be approved for travel related expenses and some will not. Each card carries a daily and monthly credit limit. Each user is responsible for reconciling their invoice and attaching receipts for each purchase. A budget account number is required for each transaction.

General Purchasing Information

Personal Purchases

Use of the District Cal-Card Procurement card for personal use is strictly prohibited. Cards used or presented for non-district related purchases or payments will be immediately canceled. Such personal use is considered a gift of public funds and may be prosecuted as a criminal offense.

Hazardous Materials

Cal-Card Procurement Cards should not be used to purchase chemicals or other hazardous materials. Vendors are required to provide Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) from the manufacturer for all products that are hazardous, as defined by Title 8, California Code of Regulations. Such purchases should be made using the District's Requisition-Purchase Order process.

Equipment Purchases and Contract Services

Under no circumstances are purchases to exceed $1000 for equipment or $500 for computer related equipment without prior approval of the Purchasing Supervisor.

Computer related items should be approved in advance by the Information Technology (IT) Services Department. Failure to inform IT Services of a purchase in advance could result in the hardware or software not being supported.

Cards should not be used to obtain services or pay for contracts without prior approval.

Equal Opportunity

The Ohlone Community College District conducts its business activities without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, handicap or sex.

Things You Need to Know


All materials ordered to be shipped to the Ohlone College main campus shall NOT be delivered to the main warehouse/receiving area, Building 10, unless arrangements have been made in advance with Receiving personnel. The person's name who placed the order must appear on all packages and packing slips. Receiving hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Maps & Directions.


To take advantage of rebates, payments are made immediately upon receipt of invoices. Cardholders are required to submit receipts within ten days of receipt of their individual card invoice. Cardholders should never pay a district Cal-Card invoice.


Fraudulent or incorrect billing disputes should be reported directly to Cal-Card by calling (800) 344-5696. The Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services ("Purchasing") Department should also be notified. In case of fraud activity, the card account will be closed and a new card issued. Disputed transactions should be resolved with the vendor, if possible. Unresolved disputes must be reported to Cal-Card within 60 days of the Statement date. Report by calling customer service at (800) 344-5696, through AccessOnline, or using a Cardholder Statement of Questioned Item (CSQI) Form.

Declined Transactions

The most common reason for a transaction to be declined is the vendor has reported itself to VISA as a type of business that is restricted. For example, the card may not be used at a massage parlor. If a business that sells massage equipment has mistakenly identified itself as a massage parlor, the transaction would be declined.

In some cases, purchases from businesses are restricted at one card level but not another. Users may request a temporary exemption to the restriction for a particular transaction through the Purchasing Department.


Transaction and monthly limits are established for each card as determined by the Approving Official for the campus unit. Temporary increases for emergency purposes are available for immediate implementation by calling the Purchasing Department at (510) 659-6263. Permanent limit increases should be requested in writing by the Approving Official.

Managing A Card

To obtain a card, complete the Cal-Card Purchasing Card Request Form (PDF) (also available from the Business Services Forms page). The form must be signed by an Approving Official (usually the vice president, associate vice president or dean of the campus unit) and the Approving Official's immediate supervisor then submitted to the Purchasing Department.

Statements will be mailed each month to the cardholder. The account statement and activity can also be seen on-line through AccessOnline. Contact the Purchasing Director for login information.

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