Dr. Anthony Pratkanis"Selling FlimFlam"The Social Psychology of Influence - Psychology Club Speaker Series

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  • Friday, October 28, 2011 at 7:00pm
  • Jackson Theatre, Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts, Ohlone College, Fremont campus
  • Tickets: General Admission $10
  • Smith Center Box Office / Information

The Ohlone College Psychology Club presents Dr. Anthony Pratkanis, professor of psychology at UC Santa Cruz.

  • How can we learn to recognize con artists?
  • Why do people fall prey to persuasive tactics?
  • What tactics are most commonly used to sell flimflam?
  • How can we protect ourselves and others from becoming victims?

Have you ever dreamed of the financial rewards, social status, and peace of mind purveying your own bit of hokum would bring?

Good news! Now you too can sell worthless flimflam.

Dr. Professor Anthony R. Pratkanis, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., America's Most Beloved Social Psychologist™ and Director of the International Institute for Noospheric Science, reveals the secret influence tactics of con criminals, Nostradamians, quacks, psychics, creationists, and various other assorted mountebanks. You will discover the power of phantom dreams, how to build your own credibility, means for setting a rationalization trap among other tactics.

You will also receive as our gift to you a secret bonus influence tactic for dealing with "the heat" from skeptics, scientists, law enforcement, and other do-gooders.

The material in this lecture was recently censored by the producers of the cable TV show Nostradamus Decoded. Discover for yourself what the Discovery Channel doesn't want you to know! (Please check your conscience at the door.)


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