Dr. Gemma Jamena, Former Ohlone College EOPS Student - EOPS Alumni Highlights - Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

Dr. Gemma Jamena in her Ross University graduation gown and holding her M.D. degree.Dr. Gemma Jamena received her Doctor of Medicine degree from Ross University School of Medicine. She is currently completing her residency at Virtua Memorial Hospital - Mount Holly, New Jersey.

I believe experience is the best teacher so I have to give credit where it is due when it comes to certain attributes that have served me well in my studies and interpersonal relations. Such attributes are as follows:

  • diligence when doing what needs to be done
  • a team player mentality that focuses on how best to improve the situation for the most good
  • confidence to assume responsibility when the need arises
  • and most of all, seeing others as people of value no matter their creed, color, or faith.

EOPS is a safe training ground for becoming the kind of people you yourself would want to be working with. That's why people from this program always remember EOPS with a smile.

-Dr. Gemma Jamena, MD