This page refers to attending Ohlone College classes at College level. If you are interested in our K-12 enrichment programs, please visit Ohlone for Kids and Teen website. 

Dual Enrollment Program

High School Students in Class with Lecturer

Ohlone College’s Dual Enrollment Program was established in an effort to encourage a greater number of high school students to enroll and earn college credit while still in high school. Ohlone courses are offered at high school campuses.  Either teachers from the high school who have met the Chancellor’s Minimum Qualifications or Ohlone instructors come to high school campuses to teach Ohlone courses. The College views dual enrollment as an opportunity for eligible students to broaden their exposure to college programs and courses while at the same time, getting a head start on their college education.

We believe that participation in dual enrollment classes can ease the transition from high school to college and encourage local students to pursue post-secondary education— especially those students who might not otherwise do so.