Are you an instructor or school administration?

Yes, but I need assistance.

Please contact Darline Gunsauls, Dean of Special Projects - Dual Enrollment at (510) 659-6213 or

No, but I would like to participate.

Please contact Darline Gunsauls, Dean of Special Projects - Dual Enrollment at (510) 659-6213 or

The purpose of this page is to provide current, general information about the Dual Enrollment Annual Course Request Process. Our goal is to provide transparent procedures and accurate expectations for becoming an Ohlone College Dual Enrollment Instructor. Thank you for your interest in the Ohlone College Dual Enrollment Program.

Timeline for High School Course Requests

  • October - Course request cycle opens
  • Mid February - High schools identify classes and submit requests for the following academic year.
  • March - Course and instructor review
  • April -
    • Notifications sent to High School principals. 
    • Deadline for deans to complete interviews, if needed. 
    • List of classes finalized for the following academic year. 
    • Dual Enrollment information sessions for students and parents.
  • May - prospective student applicants to complete their required Dual Enrollment paperwork (i.e., Ohlone online application, permission forms, etc..).
  • August - Dual Enrollment annual training/professional development for all Dual Enrollment instructors including high school teachers who teach dual enrollment courses.

To ensure you are on the email list for notification, email Darline Gunsauls, Dean of Special Projects - Dual Enrollment at

To become a Dual Enrollment Instructor

  • Must meet minimum qualifications to teach at a California Community College
  • Must apply through Ohlone College at this link:
  • Must sign Instructional Service Agreement
  • Mandatory attendance at trainings and articulation meetings
  • Being in charge of enrollment facilitation
  • Complete end of term reporting—grades and SLOs
  • Must complete Positive Attendance Rosters

Additional Services

Facilitated online courses offered with supplemental instruction by high school teacher

Online Facilitated Courses

In this Dual Enrollment model, a high school that does not have a teacher that meets minimum qualifications for a subject can request an online college course be created specifically for their students. Students who enroll in the class receive their course instruction online during a set, high school class period. The college course is taught by an Ohlone College faculty member.

To request an Online Facilitated Course, please contact Darline Gunsauls at