Dual Enrollment High School Program

Ohlone College's Dual Enrollment Program was established in an effort to encourage a greater number of high school students to enroll and earn college credit while still in high school. Ohlone courses are offered at high school campuses. Either teachers from the high school who have met the Chancellor's Minimum Qualifications or Ohlone instructors come to high school campuses to teach Ohlone courses.

**Ohlone College Fall 2020 classes will be mostly held online. Classes that have scheduled meeting days and times will meet via ConferZoom online. We are currently exploring ways to bring certain lab and activity classes pending Alameda County Health Department guidelines, and will keep you updated as we learn more.

Follow Steps to Enroll

Step 1: Apply for admissions

  1. Apply for admissions through OpenCCCApply by creating or signing into your OpenCCCApply account.
  2. Write down the confirmation number you receive after completing the OpenCCCApply. You will need the confirmation number on your Dual Enrollment packet.

Note: Spring 2021 Application for Admissions will be available through OpenCCCApply on Monday, September 28, 2020.

Step 2: Complete and Submit Permission Packet to enroll

To obtain a Dual Enrollment Program packet please contact the high school staff member for the high school you attend. They will provide you with the packet and instructions.

Step 3: Self-Guided Placement

High School students are still required to go through the self-placement process even if their high school principals approve for them to take a college course. 

Placement in English and Math is one of the critical first steps to helping students successfully start their college experience. It is also important that you understand your placement options and your right to access transfer-level coursework.

Our new placement process is completely online and is based on self-reported information, which relies on your honesty. The only person impacted by your placement level is YOU! Your honesty will determine an appropriate placement level that will be essential to your success in college. If you have any questions or concerns about your placement you may visit a counselor on a drop-in basis.

For more information visit Placement.

Step 4: Register for Classes

  1. On the student’s registration date, they need to log in to MyOhlone using your Ohlone Account to register for classes.

Step 5: Accommodation Needs

Our Student Accessibility Services (SAS) counselors will assist you with receiving accommodations for Ohlone classes. The explanation on the differences of level accommodation services between high school and Ohlone College SAS would guide you to have a better understanding on how to get accommodations for your Ohlone classes. Since your IEP only applies your accommodations for your high school classes your accommodations will be made based on the Ohlone College SAS process. Please follow the instruction below to receive your accommodations.

  1. After you complete your steps to enroll through Kindergarten -12th grade enrollment process, you will need to email your documentation verifying your disability to sas@ohlone.edu
    • IEP or 504 Plan and
    • Psychoeducational Report
    • Latest High School Transcript 
    • Provide LD assessment from other institution
    • Medical Documentation signed by a medical professional
    • Latest High School Transcript
  2. Once your documentation is reviewed, you will be contacted by SAS Program Assistant to schedule you an appointment to meet with a SAS Counselor.
  3. The SAS Counselor will help you develop an Education Plan to determine the classes in which you should enroll each semester as well as identify your educational limitations and create an Academic Accommodation Plan.

If you have any questions or concerns about SAS, please contact SAS office at SAS@ohlone.edu or 510-896-5183 - This phone will be answered Monday - Thursday 8am-5pm.

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