Steps to Implement ConferZoom in a Canvas Shell

Confer Zoom Training Guides

In order for you and your students to use Confer Zoom you need to move it into your side navigation bar. To do this, you need to click on course settings ->navigation->drag ConferZoom into your course navigation and click save. 

ConferZoom should appear on your left side course navigation bar. Once you have it in place it is time to learn how to use ConferZoom.

Confer Zoom Training Resources:

Check out these slides from a fantastic workshop called "Keep Teaching with ConferZoom." (Links to an external site.) You can work your way through the slides and learn how to use many basic and advanced features in Zoom. There are links embedded into the slides that will take you out to other guides and resources. Some of the topics covered include: 

  • Basics for Teaching (slide 19); 
  • 5 Tips for Great Video (Slide 20);
  • Chat & Participants (Slide 21); 
  • Share Your Screen (Slide 22); 
  • Allow Students to Share (or not) (Slide 23); 
  • Recording (Slides 24-25); Polls (Slide 28); 
  • Share a Whiteboard (Slides 29-30); 
  • Advanced Whiteboarding (Slide 31); 
  • Group Annotations (Slides 32-33);
  • Breakout Rooms (Slide 34).

If you need a video tutorial check out Tracy Schaelen's Teaching with ConferZoom video from Southwestern College (18 minutes):


Confer Zoom Guides:

The Confer Zoom User Guide (Links to an external site.) will walk you through everything you need to do next to set up it, schedule classes, use the the features, etc. 

The Student Confer Zoom User Guide  (Links to an external site.)will walk your students through how to use Zoom. It is helpful for instructors to read this two so that we understand their experience. 

And you can refer to the CCC Confer and Confer Zoom Support (Links to an external site.) page for more guides. 

Guidance for Recording Class Sessions in Zoom

While there are numerous benefits to recording your lectures and synchronous class sessions, there are some concerns as well. This article highlights the concerns and provides guidance for best practices if you want to do a video or audio recording of your live sessions.  Please take a moment to read the advice provided.

Guidance for Recording Class Sessions with TechConnect (Confer) Zoom 

Subject/Discipline Specific Ideas:

Joseph Harrington shows how to use breakout rooms in Zoom to teach a Spanish Class (4 minutes):