eCampus Help is Available

We realize that the start of the semester can be stressful and that tech problems can create anxiety.  eCampus is here for you.  Join us during office hours.  If you require something a little more specific or involved, consider completing a Canvas Support for Faculty ticket and we’ll be happy to meet with you.

Available to help you every Thursday from 3:00 - 5:00 pm.  Stop in get help with a problem, ask a question or just say hi!  We're always happy to see you. Link to Office Hours.

And if those hours don't work, remember, we're an eCampus support ticket away if you need us.

 bright pink banner with ecampus team, Miami Nice eCampus Spring Break Camp, March 23-25, 2021

We had a great time with our campers during our first ever Winter Camps.  We participated in scavenger hunts (equity); skits (video creation); mess hall duty (checking accessibility); and of course, end of the day campfires and sing-a-longs where there were a lot of amazing daily projects, aha moments and happy chatter shared!

Don't miss out on all the fun.  Mark your calendars for our upcoming Spring Break Camp.  You'll be glad you did!

Minimum Qualifications Training (MQT) 

Faculty new to Ohlone, and those who have not yet completed the training requirements for teaching online, are invited to join the eCampus team for the next MQT session. 

The Ohlone Online Minimum Qualifications Training (MQT) will expose you to effective practices for teaching online in compliance with regulatory requirements for effective teacher-student and student-student contact; effective practices for meeting the legislative and regulatory requirements regarding accessibility, and the practical use of Canvas.  

  • The 6-hour training will be held via ConferZoom.  You must attend all 6 hours to fulfill the contractual requirement.  
  • Sessions will be interactive.  You will be asked to have your video on during these interactions.  
  • Sessions will not be recorded.  
  • You will need to also be able to log into Canvas during the sessions - meaning using a phone to access the sessions is not feasible. 
  • Sessions are limited to 25 participants.  

 Details and registration information are available on the MQT Training Schedule page.

Trainings to Explore on Your Own

@ONE, the Online Network of Educators, has added a new course designed specifically to bring you up to speed with teaching a synchronous (live) class session.  These classes fill up quickly so if you are interested, register as quickly as possible.  

Introduction to Live Online Teaching & Learning (21SP-LIVE-2)  April 5 - April 19, 2021.  ($45)  Registration and additional information.

Topic Link
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@ONE Self-Paced Canvas Accessibility Course Canvas Accessibility (Self-Paced) - Accessibility Essentials (
@ONE Self-Paced Introduction to Teaching with Canvas Introduction to Teaching with Canvas (Self-Paced) - OEI Self-Paced Courses (
@ONE Self-Paced Making PDFs Accessible PDF Accessibility (Self-Paced) - Accessibility Essentials (
@ONE Five Day Challenge - Organizing your Course  5-Day Challenge: Organizing Your Canvas Course (Self-Paced) - OEI Self-Paced Courses (
@ONE Five Day Challenge - Creating Accessible Canvas Content 5-Day Challenge: Creating Accessible Canvas Content (Self-Paced) - OEI Self-Paced Courses (
Peralta Equity Training - Canvas Commons Course Online Equity Training - Template - Fall 2019 | Canvas Commons (


For more information and/or help contact