Get Started with Online Learning

Congratulations! Now that you are registered for classes at Ohlone College, you might be thinking, “now what?” Well, during summer and fall 2021 classes at Ohlone will be predominantly online, which means we need to get you set-up and ready for class in Canvas (Ohlone’s Online Classroom).

Description of learning formats - please see plain text version of "Where's My Class?" below

Plain text version of infographic "Where's My Class".

Below are next steps to get you ready for online learning. 

Ohlone College is committed to providing students with the support they need to be successful. While most of your contact will be with your instructors after your courses begin, you can still find resources here that will help you stay organized and be successful in your online course.

Need Tech Support? Check out our Student Tech Support webpage.


24/7 Canvas support
Ohlone Students: 1-844-243-8410


Steps to register for an online course

WebAdvisor gives students and the general public access to apply for admission, view the online schedule of classes, and to apply for financial aid. Set up a free online account through WebAdvisor to access these services.

  • To begin your road to success, read the Steps to Admission and Enrollment first.
  • Continuing students: Go directly to WebAdvisor and register.  (If you did not attend Ohlone last semester, you will need to complete a new application form.)
  • Watch your Ohlone email for a Welcome letter from your instructor and enjoy the class!  
  • For students adding during the semester, you can login to Canvas and begin your course 24 business hours after you have registered for a course.
  • See you in Canvas @

Where can I find a list of courses and degrees?


Where can I find the schedule of classes for this semester?

Class schedules are posted on WebAdvisor

What is the last date I can add? Drop? File for Pass/No Pass?

Check out our Academic Calendar

How do I contact my instructor?

Check out our Faculty Directory

Where can I get a transcript of the courses I’ve taken?

Find out more from our Transcript webpage.

What kind of student life will I find at Ohlone?

The Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) helps to ensure that students receive the best possible experience while studying at Ohlone College.


What to expect in an online course 

  • Time and work load is similar to face-to-face courses. 
  • Our courses are not self-paced.  You will have activities and assignments to do multiple times a week.  
  • Instructor will be present in each course and will provide timely and specific feedback on your work.   

Tips for being a successful online student 

  • Effective time management is probably the biggest key to your success - stay up-to-date with readings and activities.  
  • Set a time 3-4 times a week to "go to" your online course.  Add the course to your weekly schedule.    
  • Create a space where you won't be distracted to study and work in your online course. 
  • Use a timer to focus on your coursework.  Set it for 30-40 minutes and then reward yourself with a break.   
  • Put your phone away and turn off notifications on your computer to maintain your focus on your work.  
  • Reading and writing skills are prominent in online courses, but be prepared to also hand in audio and video assignments.  
  • Watch your email inbox for messages a week or more before the course is scheduled to open. 
  • Ask questions when you have them – it's likely someone else will have the question as well.  Our online courses are designed for students to engage with one another.

Tools used in an online course 

  • Device to get online  
    • Computer is best for reading and writing. 
    • Tablet will also work, and yes,
    • Canvas mobile app is also an option.  
  • Reliable Internet access
    • Canvas works best on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.
  • Software
    • Wordprocessing (MS Word, MAC Pages, Google Suite). 
    • Ohlone students have access to free downloads of MS Office 365 suite.  You also have free file storage through MS OneDrive. Use your email address and password.
    • Student Email  
    • Document reader (Adobe pdf reader, Preview).  
    • Headset or speakers compatible with your computer, tablet, or mobile device.  
    • Microphone or mobile device with recording capability.   
  • Positive attitude and desire to learn!

How to Change Display Name in Canvas

Click here to view the steps to change Display Name in Canvas.

Online Class Definitions

  • Online Live Sessions (Synchronous) – these classes are online during a specific day at a scheduled time via ConferZoom link located in your Canvas course.  
  • Online No Live Sessions (Asynchronous) – these online classes enjoy a little more flexible schedule so you can engage with the content, the instructor, and your peers every week but at times that work with your schedule.  
  • Hybrid – these courses typically have a face-to-face component at specified days and times, along with some asynchronous online time. During the pandemic, the face-to-face portion of the course has moved to a synchronous class session (see definition above) 

Additional resources

Take advantage of the resources that are available for new and returning students:

  • Not sure if online courses are for you?  Browse this video series provided by California Community Colleges. 
  • Canvas not working for you the way it is for your peers:  Check your system to be sure that all the features in Canvas work as intended.  
    • Canvas works best with native browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  
  • Need help getting around in Canvas?
    • Bookmark the Canvas Student Guide for quick reference when you're in class. 
    • Or call 24/7 Canvas support: 844-243-8410
  • Want to see what courses are currently offered fully online?  Search our quick reference list of online courses.
  • Need help finding references for a paper?  Use Ohlone's Digital Library Resources.
    • As students you can access digital library resources from off-campus for academic research by using your Student ID and Last Name. You can also get student support from a librarian on how to find the best sources for your research paper. To make an appointment, or ask a question, please click on Ask A Librarian. This will allow you to contact the librarians by email, chat, phone, or text-message.
  • Interested in a particular degree, unsure about what courses to take?  Get your questions answered via our online counselors - academic advisors.
    • Counselors meet with students individually, in small groups, workshops, and in classes to help students in achieving their academic goals and personal growth.

Ohlone student 24 HOUR CANVAS SUPPORT: Please call 844-243-8410.