Student Online Instruction - Frequently Asked Questions

What will online instruction look like?

Ohlone offers a variety of online course formats:

  • Online Live Sessions (Synchronous) courses taught via Canvas / Conferzoom at a schedule time (live online, synchronous) listed in MyOhlone, as well as
  • courses taught via Canvas at a time guided by the instructor but based largely on individual student schedules.

I am a deaf student. Will I have interpreters for my classes?

Yes. Your same interpreters will be remote and on screen at the same time as your class meets.

I am a SAS student.  Will I have accommodations for my classes?

Yes. You will have the same accommodations for your remote instruction classes.  Please contact SAS for any specific questions about your accommodations.

Is there training for students?  I don’t know how to use Canvas.

Help and training is available for students.  eCampus will offer an Introduction to Canvas informational webinar at the beginning of each semester. Canvas also provides student help and training, as well as a 24/7 support hotline (+1-844-243-8410).  More information is located on the Student Resources.

What if I am not very good with using computers or I don't like online classes?

We will be using ConferZoom in Canvas and you do not have to be particularly computer savvy to use it. All students will need to do is click the ConferZoom button on the left side navigation bar in their class, click the JOIN button for the class meeting, and then follow the prompts.  It is pretty easy to use. Of course, some folks might encounter some bumps along the way, but your instructor will be there to support you if that happens. Here is a link to a ConferZoom Tutorial that should help you get started.

If you're not excited about moving into an online setting, you are not alone. But it will be important to remember that this is for the health and safety of our community. We hope that you all will embrace stepping out of your comfort zone knowing that it is for the protection of our community as a whole. We can all be courageous together!

What if I don’t have a computer or internet access at home?

Please let your instructor know immediately so that together we can figure out how to ensure you are able to continue your studies as many classes move to online (synchronous or asynchronous) instruction. We are committed to each and every student receiving their education. Alameda County Libraries also have laptops and free Wi-Fi that students can use while in the library. More information is available here.  They also have Wi-Fi hotspots that can be checked out and taken home for up to 21 days.  Additional information can be found here. You can also apply for a COVID-19 Emergency Grant here.

Would student tutors still need to come into the Learning Centers? (Math, Science, English Student Tutors)

The College plans on continuing our tutoring services online during the summer and fall semesters with Ohlone student-tutors. Please note that students also have access to NetTutor which can be accessed through their course Canvas shells and through the “Tutoring Center” Canvas shell. NetTutor is a free online tutoring resource. We will keep you posted on any changes regarding tutoring.

I need to use the library for my remote class. What do I do?

I used to use the library to get access to my class textbook. What do I do?

Other Student Services Related FAQs:

All of this information might feel a little overwhelming. The coronavirus outbreak and the varying responses to it might also feel a little scary right now. We are taking direction to support the needs of our students, faculty, and staff.  That can be challenging, but we are a strong and resilient community.  Working together, we can meet the challenge and continue toward our academic goals.  If you are feeling as if you could use some help to meet this challenge, we encourage you to reach out to the Ohlone mental health services on campus and to the crisis support services in Alameda county. They have a 24-hour hotline if you need to talk. You may also text COURAGE to 741741.