Contact Information

Elaine Cho
Adjunct Faculty
Fremont campus

Course Information - Spring 2017

Tips to Succeed in Ms. Cho's Math Class

  1. Take Notes: Students should copy down ALL notes on the board and all the steps teacher shows in warm ups and examples. (Model students tend to highlight or bubble side notes for extra reminders.)
  2. Participate & Ask Questions: Students are encouraged to participate in class, not for the purpose of "SHOWING OFF" but to obtain an immediate feedback if he/she is on the right line of thought
  3. Do Homework & Review Notes: Students should review notes prior to doing homework every night. Be sure to ask any questions the next day!
  4. Study for Tests: Study (don't just read through but make sure you understand the "why" behind the "how" ) all Warm Ups and notes.
  5. Practice More: Please use extra practice problems in the back of textbook.