Education Information - Veterans Affairs Office

Student Responsibilities

Transcripts - Evaluation of Prior Credit

Students are responsible for requesting official academic transcripts from all schools attended before, during or after military service-whether or not benefits were received. Transcripts must be forwarded to the Admissions Office at Ohlone College. Enrollment will only be certified for one semester pending evaluation of prior credit, provided the student has not earned a degree or accumulated an excessive number of units by VA standards.

Declaring an Academic Objective

VA requires that a student declare an academic objective (i.e., AA Degree - Nursing or BA Degree - Liberal Arts) after one semester.

If a transfer objective is being pursued, VA will authorize benefits only for those courses required for the major. A transfer evaluation must be completed after all transcripts are in and after completion of one semester.

If a student is pursuing an AA Degree, VA will authorize benefits only for courses required for the specific major after one semester.

The VA will award benefits only for one program or major at a time. A second or subsequent change of program required completion of a new 1995 or 5495 form.

** NOTE: You may be entitled to receive up to a total of 48 months of full-time benefits if you use more than one VA Education Program.

Withdrawing from Classes

The law requires that students notify the Ohlone College Veterans Office of any withdrawals from courses. The VA will adjust or terminate benefits retroactive to the beginning date of the term. If the change of enrollment is due to reasons beyond the student's control, which VA accepts as mitigating circumstances, benefits are adjusted on the effective date of the reduction. Form 21-4138, Statement of Support of Claim, must be filed for consideration.

Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating circumstances are those which directly hinder a student's pursuit of a course(s) and which are judged to be beyond the student's control. Following are some general categories of mitigating circumstances: serious illness of the student, serious illness or death of an immediate family member, immediate family or financial obligations, discontinuance of a course by the school.

Non-punitive Grades

Students earning non-punitive grades are not eligible for VA benefits for the course(s) in which the grades were assigned. Non-punitive grade can result in an overpayment. Non-punitive grades include No-Credit (NC), In-Progress (IP), Incomplete (I) and any grade or symbol which regardless of the title used, does not satisfy graduation requirements and is not used in calculating the grade point average.

Repeating a Course

Students who repeat courses which were previously completed with grades of A, B, C, D, or CR are ineligible for benefits. Certain courses are repeatable as specified by the Ohlone College Catalog, if required for the student's academic objective.