Electronic Documents for December 9, 2015 Board Meeting - Board of Trustees for the Ohlone Community College District

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Electronic Board Packet - December 9, 2015
Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Description Documents
None Agenda Agenda
1 Closed Session: Conference with Legal Counsel, Anticipated or Existing Litigation (Government Code 54956.9)
2 Closed Session: Conference with Labor Negotiator (Government Code 54957.6)
3 Closed Session: Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release (Non-reelection or Non-renewal of Contract, Government Code 54957)
4 Closed Session: Public Employee Performance Evaluation (Government Code 54957) Title: President/Superintendent
5 Ceremonial Item and Discussion/Action: Approval of Resolution #11/15-16, Emeritus for Constance Teshara
6 Organizational Meeting - Election: Board Chair (President)
7 Organizational Meeting - Election: Board Vice Chair (Vice President)
8 Organizational Meeting - Ratification of Board Officer Appointment: Board Secretary
9 Organizational Meeting - Committee/Representative Appointments: Appointment of Representative to Alameda County School Boards Association (ACSBA)
10 Organizational Meeting - Committee/Representative Appointments: Appointment of Representatives to Ohlone College Foundation
11 Organizational Meeting - Committee/Representative Appointments: Appointment of Board Audit Committee
12 Organizational Meeting - Committee/Representative Appointments: President's Committee - Board Policy Review
13 Organizational Meeting - Committee/Representative Appointments: Appointment of Task Force on Board Meeting Efficiency
14 Organizational Meeting - Board Meeting Annual Calendar: Approval of Meetings for the District Board of Trustees: January - December 2016
15 Approval of Minutes - November 18, 2015 Special Meeting (BP 2360)
16 Approval of Minutes - November 18, 2015 Meeting (BP 2360)
17 Standing Reports: Report from Faculty Senate President Jeff Roberts
18 Standing Reports: Report from Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) President Bubba Manzo
19 Standing Reports: News about Ohlone College
20 Consent Agenda: Consent Agenda: Approval of November 2015 Payroll Warrants (BP 2200)
21 Consent Agenda: Approval of Personnel Actions (BP 2200)
22 Consent Agenda: Report on the 2015 Community College League of California Annual Convention (BP 2740)
23 Consent Agenda: In-kind Contributions to the District (BP 3820)
24 Consent Agenda: Approval of the 2016-2017 Budget Planning Calendar (BP 6200)
25 Consent Agenda: Resolution No. 12/15-16 to Approve the Facsimile Agreement with Fremont Bank for the Associated Student Body Account and the Financial Aid Account (BP 6300)
26 Consent Agenda: Review of Purchase Orders (BP 6330)
27 Consent Agenda: Ratification of Contracts (BP 6340)
28 Consent Agenda: Measure G Project 6104A, Site Utility Infrastructure - Phase II: Ghilotti Construction Company, Change Order #3 (BP 6340)
29 Consent Agenda: Ratification of Silicon Valley Engineering Tech Pathways Grant Memorandum of Understanding (BP 6340)
30 Consent Agenda: Authorization for the Disposal of Surplus Personal Property (BP 6550)
31 Information Only: Sabbatical Leave Presentation
32 Information Only: Faculty Position Planning Process Presentation
33 Information Only: Administrative Reorganization
34 Discussion and/or Action: Acceptance of Independent Auditor's Report and the Performance Audit for Measure G for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 (BP 6400)
35 Discussion and/or Action: Notice of Public Hearing for Waiver Request of Public Bidding Requirements for Ground Lease of Surplus Frontage Property (BP 2200)
36 Discussion and/or Action: Approval of Tentative Agreement between UFO and Ohlone Community College District: Contract period: July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016; Contract duration: July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2017 (BP 2610)
37 Discussion and/or Action: Student Equity Plan - Approval (BP 3250)
38 Discussion and/or Action: Trustee Compensation (BP 2725)