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Before you send your first email newsletter or HTML email to a distribution list of subscribers or students or other group of people, do research about "online newsletters", "email newsletters" "html email", "text or html email" to learn what is expected by subscribers, how to present information, etc. There's a lot to know to do it right and not anger or disappoint subscribers.

Procedures for subscribing, unsubscribing, etc.:

Excellent summary of options (applies to any form of email communication, not just newsletters):

Emailed delivered as HTML instead of plain text is controversial. Some people like it, some people do not. Some people consider it as spam. Some people think it's attractive (and it can be when done properly). It is best to ASK the person what they prefer when they subscribe - or default to sending text-based email instead. Below are just some of the articles and opinions about text or HTML emails:

Format, design, and creation of a newsletter: