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Building Monitors

Download the list of Building Monitors (PDF).

Building Monitors - Fremont Campus
(updated September 30, 2016)
Building Number Primary or Alternate Building Monitor
3, 4 Primary Charmaine Do
Alternate To be determined
Alternate Dan Smith
5 Primary Scott Snyder
Alternate Diana Garza
Alternate Jeremy Levenburg
6 Primary Nora Chopales
Alternate Nancy Paulinknois
Alternate To be determined
7 Primary Laura Weaver
Alternate Kelly Wilmeth
Alternate Wayne Takakuwa
9 (Epler Gym) Primary Laura Martinez
Alternate Jeff Roberts
Alternate Chris Warden
10 (Warehouse) Primary David Schurtz
Alternate Jennifer Parker (Tomlin)
Alternate Alex Pinarcik
12 (Hyman Hall) Primary Jackie Dumont
Alternate Gosia Asher
Alternate To be determined
14 and 16 Primary Tuongvan (Van Nguyen)
Alternate Arnie Loleng
Alternate To be determined
18 Primary Joel Heyne
Alternate Paul Lum
Alternate Robin Mathers
19 Primary Lea Witmer
Alternate David Panales
Alternate Christina Caratachea
20 Primary Binh Nguyen
Alternate Thomas Hsu
Alternate To be determined
22 (Smith Center) Primary Walt Birkedahl
Alternate Chris Booras
Alternate Sheila Holland
27 Primary Michael Moore
Alternate April Merritt
Alternate Shelby Foster
Swing Space Upper (Fremont Portables Upper Area) Primary Maria Rocha
Alternate Cynthia Banuelos
Alternate To be determined
Swing Space Lower (Fremont Portables Lower Area) Primary Steven Reeves
Alternate Mike Triplett
Building Monitors - Newark Campus
(updated September 30, 2016)
Building Number Primary or Alternate Building Monitor
Main Building #1 Primary To be determined
Alternate Zelma Hunter
Padmapriya Krishnamurthy
Main Building #2 Primary Delphyne Rollins
Alternate Barbara Duggal
Alternate To be determined
Maini Building #3 Primary Jackie Vetter
Alternate Gale Carli
Alternate D'Fonda Simpson
Main Building #4 Primary Robert Hernandez
Alternate Jesus Jimenez
Alternate To be determined
Swing Space (Newark Portables) Primary Helene Ha
Alternate To be determined
Alternate To be determined
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