Emergency Procedures and Information - Evacuation Procedures and Map: Fremont Campus

Emergency Procedures, red cross icon.

Evacuation Procedures and Map: Fremont Campus

In the Event of an Evacuation

  • Remain calm and move in an orderly manner towards building exits
  • Be aware of those with special needs/disabilities and provide assistance as needed
  • Remain cautious while leaving buildings: Watch for falling debris or other obstructions/dangers
  • Use stairways, do not use elevators
  • Move away from the buildings
  • Proceed to the nearest Evacuation Assembly Area
  • Remain watchful and move out of the way of responding emergency vehicles/personnel

Evacuation Assembly Areas

There are a total of 8 Evacuation Assembly Areas throughout the Fremont campus (marked on map):

  • North side of campus
    1. Key A
    2. Parking Lot U
    3. Parking Lot D
  • South side of campus
    1. Key D
    2. Parking Lot P
    3. Promenade Circle
    4. Key C
    5. Parking Lot H

Evacuate to the nearest Assembly Area only if safe to do so or proceed to another Assembly Area.

Fremont Campus Map with Evacuation Assembly Areas marked.

Download the Fremont Campus Evacuation Map (PDF).

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • For Campus Police
    • From Campus Phones: dial ext. 6111
    • From Off Campus - dial (510) 659-6111
  • For Outside Emergency Assistance
    • Call: 911
    • From Campus Phones: dial 9-911
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