Emergency Procedures and Information - First Aid Instructions

Emergency Procedures, red cross icon.

See also Assisting People with Disabilities during Emergencies.

First Aid Instructions

Fainting, Unconsciousness, and Shock

  1. Have victim lie or sit down and rest
  2. Keep victim comfortable, not hot or cold
  3. Ask or look for emergency medical I.D.
  4. Treat other injuries as necessary

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

  1. Place victim on side and remove foreign matter from mouth with finger
  2. Place victim on back
  3. Tilt victim's head back to open airway
  4. Close victim's nostrils with fingers
  5. Inhale and place your mouth over victim's mouth
  6. Exhale until victim's chest expands
  7. Repeat every five seconds
  8. Keep trying until help arrives
  9. If problem, check victim for airway obstruction

Severe Bleeding and Wounds

  2. Apply direct pressure on wound
  3. Use clean cloth or hand
  4. Apply pressure to blood vessel, if necessary
  5. Elevate body part
  6. Add more cloth if blood soaks through
  7. Keep pressure on wound until help arrives
  8. Use tourniquet only as last resort


  1. Check victim's mouth and clear of foreign matter
  2. Lower head and give back blows
  3. Still choking, use abdominal thrusts

Heart Attack

  1. Place victim laying down on back
  2. Give resuscitation or CPR as necessary (if trained)
  3. Keep victim comfortable, not hot or cold
  4. Ask or look for emergency medical I.D.

Burns, Thermal and Chemical

  1. Immerse burned area in cold water
  2. Flood chemical burn with cool water
  3. Cover burn with dry bandage
  4. Keep victim quiet and comfortable

Fractures and Sprains

  1. Keep victim still
  2. Keep injured area immobile
  3. CAUTION: HEAD, NECK OR BACK INJURY: Any victim suspected of having head, neck or back injury, keep absolutely still. Treat for shock if necessary and keep warm

Poisoning and Overdose

  1. Determine what substance is involved and how taken
  2. Stay with victim and assist as necessary
  3. If choking, lower head