Your entry into the world of engineering starts here-whether you choose industrial, mechanical, electrical, computer, or another engineering field, Ohlone College's Engineering Department provides the foundation you need to get started in your career. Our focus is providing exceptional lower-division engineering courses and pre-engineering programs that prepare you for success upon transfer to a four-year institution for a Bachelor of Science degree.

If you are interested in engineering and enjoy developing solutions to problems we can help you pursue a rewarding and satisfying career in the numerous career fields available to an engineering graduate. Most graduates of Bachelor of Science in Engineering programs follow one of three major career paths

  • Employment in a technical capacity including design (if you are imaginative and creative), analysis, development and testing usually in industry or government.
  • Employment in engineering management and sales (if you love travelling and working with people), usually after a few years of technical experience.
  • Employment in advanced research and/or teaching positions if you are interested in investigation or experimentation aimed at discovering new knowledge.

Female and male students work together on class project.