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Online Supplement: Library Periodicals

Instructions for Activity 4:
How To Write A Summary

Keep these steps for reference as you write your summaries for ACTIVITIES 5 and 6 of the Periodicals Assignment. Note: for Activity 4, you must use the article "Can People be Judged by their Appearance?" which begins on the next page of these instructions.

Step 1:
Read the article carefully.
Step 2:
Write down the author's purpose for writing this article. (Why did he write it? What, in general, was he trying to tell the reader?)
Step 3:
Reread the article looking for major ideas that directly support the author's purpose. Sometimes a major supporting idea is covered in one paragraph; sometimes in several paragraphs.
Step 4:
Summarize each major supporting idea into a single sentence. Be sure this idea directly supports or furthers the author's purpose for writing the article.
Step 5:
Using your author's purpose as your guide, create a thesis statement which will be a summary of the entire article. This thesis statement will be the main idea sentence for your summary paragraph.
Step 6:
Combine your thesis statement with your one-sentence summaries to create a summary paragraph. Use transitional words or combine sentences to create a smooth logical flow of ideas.

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