English 151A Fundamentals of Composition - English Learning Center

The English 151A course has a lab component which consists of 25% of your grade (1 unit). The English Learning Center lab component requires that you complete two sets of assignments:

  1. My Writing Lab - Your instructor will give you a lab packet which includes deadlines sheet, lab directions, My Writing Lab directions, and a student copy of the Deadlines and Record Form.

    After completing the My Writing Lab exercises, take the module tests in the English Learning Center on or before the due dates for full credit; late tests do not earn higher than 70% credit and must be completed within one week of the original due date. The quizzes should also be taken in the English Learning Center by the due date.

    Note: You will need a scantron, photo I.D. and a #2 pencil for taking the Module tests and the quizzes in the ELC.

  2. Reading and Writing Program

    1. Read and print the Reading and Writing Packet.
    2. Complete all sentence activities parts 1-9 by the indicated due date. Bring your completed sentence activities to the ELC counter and check your answers with the answer key provided by the ELC staff.
    3. Print and read "The Barrio" by Ernesto Galarza from Mosaics: Reading and Writing Paragraphs (PDF) on pages 217-218 before taking the vocabulary and comprehension quiz and also before completing the reading and writing activities.
    4. Complete the reading and writing activities by the indicated due date. Have all your work evaluated and signed by the English Learning Center lab staff by the specific due dates.
    5. No late work accepted and no rewrites.

    Download and print the English 151A Lab Packet:

  3. Printing Guidelines - You are welcome to use the computers and printers in the English Learning Center to complete your assignments. For information on printing, please review the Pcounter WebPay presentation (PDF).
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