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Reading A Book For Enjoyment Assignment

Worksheet for Written Response #2

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Read a book that you enjoy. Your book must be either a work of fiction or a narrative and at least 100 pages in length. It must not be a book you are reading for this or any other class. Select a book of your own choice that has been approved by your reading instructor. The book may be read at home on your own time; but your written responses must be turned in online by 11:59pm on the due date listed on your assignment sheet.

Getting Started

Give your book a chance. Set aside one or two hours to start your book so that you can really become involved in it.

Written Assignment: Upon Completion of Your Book

* Select one of the following topics:

  • - Choose one of the major characters and write about that character, using specific details from the book to support your analysis. What kind of person is this character? How does this character fit into the action of the plot? Does this character seem real? If this character were real, how would you relate to her/him?

  • - Choose a very exciting or significant event in your book and explain that event, telling what happened and why that event was important in the book. How did the author help you experience the event as though it were really happening? Be specific.

  • - Did you learn something new as a result of reading this book? Did it change your attitude about people or about life in general? Write about how this book changed your thinking or about what this book gave you to think about. Use specific incidents or details from the book to illustrate your ideas.

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