The English 162 course has a lab component which consists of 25% of your grade (1 unit). The English Learning Center lab component requires that you complete two sets of assignments:

  1. My Reading Lab

    • Work to be completed online only.
    • Your instructor will give you a guideline sheet, which includes directions for My Reading Lab.
    • This is an online program that requires you to complete reading assignments online by the assigned due date (See Checklist for deadlines). Students will receive credit for the work completed online.
  2. Lab Activities (work to be completed in the lab only):

    Before you start your lab work, read the student guidelines for the English 162 lab provided by your instructor.

    If your class is at the Fremont campus, 162 lab activities must be completed at the English Learning Center, Room HH-217. If your class is at the Newark campus, lab activities must be completed at the Newark English Learning Center, Room NC1124, first floor, Wing 1, Learning Resource Center.

  3. Printing Guidelines - You are welcome to use the computers and printers in the English Learning Center to complete your assignments. For information on printing, please review the Pcounter WebPay presentation (PDF).

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