Environmental Biology BIOL-142 - Environmental Studies Department

Forest of trees with sunlight shining through the tree tops.

Welcome! BIOL-142 is designed for non-science majors to fulfill a general education laboratory science requirement. This course is transferable to state colleges and universities. Register for BIOL-142 if you:

  • Want to graduate from Ohlone with an A.A. degree or transfer to a 4-year college
  • Need a science course with a lab
  • Want an alternative to BIOL-130 that is fun, outdoors, and challenging (BIOL-142 does not fulfill the pre-requisites for pre-med, pre-dental, or other health science majors.)
  • Are interested in biology and the environment

BIOL-142 takes a sweeping look at the nature of life and examines the biological sciences focusing on the interactions between living organisms with their environment (ecology), biological diversity, evolution, and the effects humans have had on the environment. Enrollment is open to all students. No previous biology experience required.

What this Environmental Biology Course Offers

California Academy of Sciences.Environmental Biology was designed to challenge students to think independently and scientifically, appreciate and experience nature, and enjoy hands-on learning biology. Here is what you can expect if you take this course:

  • Field trip to the all new California Academy of Sciences
  • Field excursions to local bay area habitats
  • Design your own laboratory experiments
  • Conduct your own plant growth study
  • Examine the behavior of live animals

For more information, please contact the instructor Dr. Jeff Watanabe at jwatanabe@ohlone.edu.

Sutdents cleaning up the environment.Wetlands at the Ohlone Collee Newark Center.