Shrubs in the Virtual Garden at the Ohlone College Newark Center

A shrub is a general name for a plant that grows with several woody stems and does not grow very tall, setting it apart from the other main type of woody-stemmed plants - trees. Like trees, shrubs may bear flowers and fruit, and may have distinctive scents. Some species of plants, like willows, may grow as either shrubs or trees depending on the conditions. Smaller shrubs may be called bushes, while larger shrubs that look more like trees may be called arborescences. However, these are relative terms, so usage may vary.

Some common and perhaps recognizable shrubs in the Newark Center salvia garden include the culinary herbs lavender and rosemary, and an ornamental shrub called a butterfly bush. There are also some less well-known shrubs planted, such as the island mallow and the silver bush lupine, both of which are native to California.