About the Environmental Studies Department

Carl Sagan once asked, "Who will speak for Earth?"

Earth from outer space.With this question and the namesake of our college in mind, the Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology was founded in the spring of 2008.

The opening of this LEED Platinum campus reinforced the overall commitment of the Ohlone Community College District not only in providing a first rate academic environment but also its commitment to the community at large.

Using a holistic approach to the field of Environmental Studies, the Green Academy of Sciences and Technology was created as an overall "green umbrella" to bring the best from both the social and physical science disciplines to the students.

Ohlone College has a deep and storied offering in the field of Earth Sciences, but lacked a department that could house the new degrees and programs offered through the Green Academy -hence the founding of the Department of Environmental Studies in the fall of 2007.

Being an interdisciplinary department, the Department contributes to the scholarship of discovery in our own fields and also to the scholarship of integration. Thus aspiring to collaborate creatively and successfully by not only understanding where different fields of view come from, but by discovering new ways to pose questions, and in turn, provide answers.

NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam logo.Ohlone College is a registered provider of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Entry Level Exam.

Environment Studies Department Mission Statement

Alviso Slough.As our planet and its life forms enter the new millennium, modernization, mechanization, and industrialization has increasingly stressed the world's ecosystems and habitats.

With the growth of mankind have come great advances in the overall living standards of most people of the world. However, equitable access to the earth's natural resources has not been available to all people in all places. Many of our fellow citizens do not have access to clean water, suffer from high levels of pollution, work under horrific conditions, lack adequate nutrition, and as a result live in a general sense of hopelessness.

The mission of the Ohlone College Department of Environmental Studies is to prepare students to be active participants in shaping a sustainable future. By fostering student understanding of how human society and the environment are interwoven, our program emphasizes the benefits of the triple-bottom line - promoting stewardship of the earth, fostering innovation for a strong economy, and respect, value and equity for the lives of all living things.

Waste Management Partnership

WM EarthCare logo.Ohlone College is proud to announce its partnership with Waste Management to examine the potential of using local recycled construction waste as landscape enhancing mulch and compost.

Waste Management of Alameda County analyzed the materials that were ending up in their land fill and determined that wood, concrete, and glass made up a significant amount of the waste stream. When ground and enhanced, these materials can be utilized to amend soil, prevent weeds, encourage drainage, and increase the attractiveness of landscapes.

This will be a great opportunity for the Ohlone College Environmental Studies Department to get students involved in research that will literally affect their surroundings. Look for our experimental plots in the organic garden at the Newark Center.

Contact Information

Please contact Narinder Bansal at nbansal@ohlone.edu with your questions about this program.