Virtual Garden at the Ohlone College Newark Center

Welcome to the Ohlone College Newark Center virtual garden tour!

Ohlone takes pride in our commitment to sustainability and support of the local community. To that end, the Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology is proud to present the virtual garden, a self-guided tour of the plant specimens used in the gardens and landscaping on the Newark campus.

Anyone with a smartphone can quickly and easily learn about what we've planted and why by scanning the plant's QR or quick-response code. This will take the user to a webpage with a brief description of the plant's physical features, where it's found in the wild, and why we planted it here on the Newark campus.

QR-code scanning software and applications are available for a variety of smartphones and similar devices (such as iPads), often for free.

When Ohlone College first acquired the land on which the Newark campus now stands, the entire area was a brownfield - that is, a site polluted by previous industry or pesticide use - in dire need of beautification and bioremediation. However, over the past decade the grounds have been completely transformed. Beyond the construction and ongoing improvement of the campus buildings themselves, a key part of this transformation has been the landscaping.

Newark Campus is designed to support the local watershed with certified Bay-Friendly Landscaping. In addition to the natural system of stormwater diversion and planting of native grasses, the campus also features landscaping with naturally low water needs, also known as xeriscaping. This is the driving principle behind our salvia garden.

Salvia is the name of the sage genus, a diverse group of plants that is part of the mint family, Lamiacaea. There are more than thirty species of salvias planted in the garden, alongside many other drought-tolerant plants. The idea for the salvia garden came from Kristen Berling, an ambassador level Girl Scout - you can learn more about the salvia garden's origins on the salvia garden webpage.