For more information about CalWORKS, please email us at: OR call us at (510) 659-6152  OR (510) 896-9337

About CalWORKs

CalWORKsThe California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program at Ohlone College encourages personal responsibility and accountability. It is committed to helping individuals receive an education and instruction that will provide employment opportunities. CalWORKs promotes short-term training, as well as life-long learning. The ultimate goal of the program is to assist CalWORKs students with vocational and educational training programs, which will lead to self sufficiency. The CalWORKs program at Ohlone has been developed in partnership with the Alameda County Department of Social Services.


CalWORKs Services

  • Academic Advising Services
  • Assist students with the development of a County-approved educational plan.
  • Career Advising Services
  • Help students choose from a wide range of career choices.
  • Lifting Families out of Poverty Support
  • Provide students with assistance, guidance and support while navigating through the social services system.
  • Career Services
  • Assist students with resume writing, internet job search, interview techniques and job placement, both on and off campus.

For more information, please email us at: OR call us at (510) 659-6152  OR (510) 896-9337 or visit the CalWORKs in the EOPS office in Building 7, third floor, Fremont campus.