CARE at Ohlone College - Extended Opportunity Programs and Services

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Greeting from the CARE Coordinator

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) Program at Ohlone College. I believe that, "People don't CARE how much you know until they know how much you CARE." You will find that our program values honesty, integrity, laughter, and relationships. I hope to get to know each one of you on a personal level and provide you with the individual attention and assistance you need.  Providing programs and services to ensure your success is my priority.

There are many institutions of higher learning in the Bay Area you could have chosen to attend, but I am exceedingly glad you selected Ohlone College as your education connection. Also, I understand you have entrusted me with your goals and dreams, so I want you to know I am committed and dedicated to student achievement and success.

Ohlone College is a wonderful place to learn! The EOPS, CARE, and CalWORKs staff are phenomenal people, who are ready and willing to help you in any way possible. Along with our staff, I take great pride in serving every student with dignity and respect.

Dream big because dreams really do come true!

Sandy Bennett
EOPS/CARE Coordinator

If you need to reach me, email me at: 

What is CARE?

The Cooperative Agency Resources for Education (CARE) Program was established by Senate Bill 3103, in 1982, to assist EOP&S students who are single head of household, and recipients of CalWORKs, receiving cash aid.

The was intent of this program is to lift families out of poverty by exposing them to educational opportunities to improve skills and increase their knowledge base on career choices. This would ultimately lead them to become employable and economically self-sufficient.

The CARE Program provides supplemental support services such as: gas cards, topical workshops, and grants.

The primary purpose of both EOP&S/CARE is to prepare students to transfer to a four-year university, complete an Associate's Degree or vocational certificate which can lead to a rewarding career as a result of their educational experience.

What can CARE do for me?

The Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program exists to collaborate efforts between EOPS, the Department of Social Services and various other community organizations which provide educational and personal support to single parents who are current EOPS students.

What kinds of services are offered?

Single parents who are in the EOPS program and receiving CalWORKs are eligible for additional services. These services include workshops, grants, and gas cards.

  • Counseling Services
  • Financial Assistance
  • Workshops
  • Referral Service
  • Outreach/Recruitment
  • Support groups (when needed)
  • Assistance with Social Services

Who is eligible?

  • EOPS applicants or current EOPS students
  • Single parent
  • CalWORKs recipient
  • Enrolled in 12 units at Ohlone College
  • Completed less than 70 semester units
  • Must be a California resident
  • Must meet the EOPS income guidelines

CARE Application Process

If you are a new or current EOPS student, single parent, and currently receiving cash aid benefits from the County, please ask the staff for more information.

Availability of CARE services are based upon State Funding.

Contact Information

For more information, visit or contact the EOPS office:

Ohlone College
43600 Mission Boulevard
Building 7, 3rd Floor
Fremont, CA 94539-5847
Office (510) 659-6152 OR 
(510) 896-9337 OR