Letter of Appeal

Any student who may be in danger of failing to comply with EOPS requirements may submit a letter of appeal. Each student will be reviewed on a case by case bases. If the student's petition is denied s/he has the right to appeal the decision to the EOPS Director.

If the student has reached the maximum number of units, s/he can request a unit evaluation to be review by a counselor. If approved for additional services, the student will be given a length of time to remain in the program.

Appeal letter can be retrieve from student's EOPS Counselor. The letter of appeal must be submitted by the deadline date for the current term.

Mid Semester Progress Report

To enhance student retention, the Mid Semester Progress Report is an early detection and intervention method to increase persistence and success. It serves as a way for instructors to communicate with students about their academic performance before final grades are submitted. This information is reviewed by a counselor and, if needed, a plan of action will be developed. It is strongly recommended that students submit their progress reports by the eighth week of each semester.

Download the Mid Semester Progress Report Form (PDF).

Evaluation Process

  • Optional unless your counselor requires it.
  • Counselors will review reports with students and file the report in student folders.

Additional Information

  • Reports are not required for PE courses.
  • For online courses, students can submit reports to teachers mailboxes in the Mailroom or email the instructor.
  • If a grade is "in progress" or "n/a", students can get that information in writing from the instructor.

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