Hyman Hall.The ESL Department at Ohlone College offers a variety of classes designed to prepare students for successful academic and professional careers, as well as to enhance their overall communication skills in English. The core of the program consists of four levels, and all courses can be taken for credit or noncredit, as explained on the ESL Courses page.   

If you are new to Ohlone College and interested in taking classes in English as a Second Language, these are the steps we recommend that you follow:  

Step 1:  Apply to Ohlone College.  

For noncredit courses only: Please complete the Noncredit Application. (This application process is easier than the credit application; we recommend that you begin with this one).

If you need help with the Noncredit Application, please attend one of the following application workshops: 

Date Time
Thursday, December 17th 10am-11am
Tuesday, December 22nd 3pm-4pm
Wednesday, January 6th 4pm-5pm
Tuesday, January 12th 10am-11am
Zoom Link https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/95176543684

For credit courses:  Please complete the California Community College Application--CCCApply  (This application process is longer.  If you have difficulties completing this application, you may start with the noncredit application, and the Counseling department can help you with the credit application after an ESL Orientation or in another application workshop).  

To understand the difference between credit and noncredit classes, please see Credit vs. Noncredit

Step 2:  Take the ESL Placement Process 

Please go to ESL Placement  for more information about the process.

Step 3:  ESL Orientation

Here is the Schedule for ESL Orientations.  You can reserve a seat at an ESL Orientation by following the instructions at the link, entering your student ID number, etc.    

If you are not able to attend an orientation, please see the ESL Orientation Presentation for more information.  Contact Counseling if you have questions.  

Step 4:  Register for classes

It is strongly recommended that you attend an ESL Orientation.  If you attend, you will receive help with this process.  

Students will need to set up a WebAdvisor account in order to register for classes.  Please refer to Getting a WebAdvisor Account for information about how to set up an account and register for classes.   If you have questions and/or need help, please contact Counseling.  

Step 5:  Pay for classes

Noncredit courses: tuition is Free.
Credit courses: Please refer to Fees/Tuition  for information.

Step 6:  Attend classes

All ESL classes will be offered remotely, through Zoom, in Summer and Fall 2020.  
Classes will meet online during the regularly scheduled class time. Students will virtually be in class live with the instructor and their classmates where they will be able to ask questions and interact in real time as if they were in their normal classroom.

To enter your online classes, please follow the directions in these documents: 
1. How to log in to CANVAS (using the same log-in information as your WebAdvisor account)
2. How to take classes through ConferZoom.