ESL - Credit vs. Noncredit ESL Classes

Credit vs. Noncredit ESL Classes at Ohlone:

Ohlone’s noncredit classes are no different from the credit classes ​in terms of content.  In fact, all 181RW and 981RW students will meet in the same room, with the same teacher, at the same time, and all the students will be expected to do the same assignments and reach the same goals in order to go on to the next level of ESL.   The same is true for all other ESL classes and levels. 

So what's the difference?

Noncredit Classes: 

  • are FREE (no tuition to pay)
  • are repeatable (you can take a class again and again, if you want)
  • do not require proof of residency
  • will not appear on your transcripts when you transfer to a university
  • will not use up your Financial Aid

Credit Classes: 

  • charge tuition, but may qualify you for Financial Aid
  • may be necessary for international students on F1 visas (contact International Programs)
  • may be necessary for student status for your workplace or insurance purposes
  • cannot be repeated unless you fail

What’s the same, for Credit and Noncredit?  All ESL classes:

  • will help you improve your English
  • will prepare you to achieve your academic, career, and/or other goals
  • will require that you do a significant amount of homework/study outside of class

For more information about Noncredit courses in general, go to Noncredit.